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Loki the Steyr: The Shifting Sands and Roads of Mongolia

It is early in the morning. It looks like rain, so we decide to leave our overnight camp quickly, to escape. We estimate that we need roughly two more days to cross the desert to reach Altai, the next so called city. Only 20,000 people live there, but for this less populated country it’s a big city. It’s only 300 km away, but we don`t know exactly, what will await us, beneath the fact, that there is no street. The… read more »

A Tale of Two Newbs: Bikepacking the Colorado Trail

I have to admit, it made for a humorous start to our first big bikepacking trip. Only a few hundred yards into the ride, my friend Greg and I were both slumped over our handlebars, our chests heaving uncontrollably as we struggled to breath between nervous laughs. We had a long way to go, 75 miles in fact, and with the car still in sight we had already come to a full stop. In all fairness, the altitude was a… read more »

Field Tested: Revo Ground Speed

I have always been a fan of Revo sunglasses, an affection reaffirmed when I set out to test a handful of shades in a Best of Breed feature for Overland Journal’s 2013 Gear Guide. The result of that test culminated in the Revo Bearing receiving our Editor’s Choice award. In just a few weeks, I’ll have another sunglass piece in the Journal, this time a retrospective look at the legacy of aviator sunglasses. A classic at the time of inception,… read more »

SEMA FINDS: Warn ZEON 12 Platinum

Every year that we attend the SEMA show, we seem to always find something new and exciting at the Warn Industries booth. This year was no exception with the introduction of the ZEON 12 Platinum winch. Packed with a host of new technologies, this new winch raises the already high standards set by the brand. The most noteworthy technology paired to the new ZEON is the Advanced Wireless Remote and the new Command Central Control. That controller gives the user more… read more »

Show Stopper: AEV Releases Aussie Inspired Ram 2500

Last year AEV stunned full size truck fans with their new line of products for RAM trucks and this year they raised the bar with another show stopper, their Aussie inspired tray-back Ram 2500. Fitted with AEV's front bumper, a three-inch DualSport suspension system, raised air intake system, high-clearance fender flares and 17x10 Katla wheels with 41-inch Super Swamper IROK tires, this is a beast of a thing to behold. The tray-back bed and 66 gallon fuel capacity give it a… read more »

Surfing at 1,000 Frames Per Second

I am not a surfer. I don't even shoot video, and nothing about this video encapsulates anything related to overlanding. However, like many of us on Expedition Portal, I am a fan of good artistry and story telling by any means. This video from Chris Bryan is an astounding achievement. Individual water droplets hang in the air like so many diamonds as they reflect sunlight. It is an incredible use of video. All images where shot using The Phantom Flex, Phantom… read more »

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