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Overland Expo East 2014

While not as massive in attendance as the well-established Overland Expo West the inaugural East event was easily as big in acreage and enthusiasm for the overland world. What set the East event apart from it’s Western brother is the picture perfect North Carolina Fall setting and close proximity to big population centers, who came out in big numbers to see what this “overland” thing is all about. The same tested formula for a quality overland event was used; hands… read more »

Importing a 25 year old Vehicle 101

When I sold my 1988 FJ62 Landcruiser last year I felt empty. I decided to replace the truck on a whim with an equally dependable and lovable Toyota, a mint 1988 4x4 Pickup with a 5 speed mated to a 22re motor with front and rear lockers. It just wasn't the same. I sold that truck this spring and the Land Cruiser replacement search commenced.   My first FJ62 search was of grand proportions but familiar to many Toyota fans.… read more »

How Much Adventure Does Your Motorcycle Really Need?

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to report that the adventure segment is the fastest growing category in the motorcycle industry. For a multitude of reasons these bikes have served to transform the run of the mill motorcycle ride into something aspirational––an adventure. But, what does that mean, anyway? This is a topic intermixed with infinite opinions, many of which are spot on, a few perhaps dubious at best. We recently published Noah Horak's open letter to the motorcycle industry… read more »

4×4 Drive for Excellence Celebrity Pro Am

Left foot! Use your left foot on the brake…You’ll never drive fast in the dirt unless you learn to brake with your left foot.” - Rod Hall   I first met Rod Hall around 2001. He was instructing students at his military driving school and I’d landed a gig shooting the program for Heartland USA Magazine. I’d run around the Southern California deserts on motorcycles and four-wheel drives since I was a kid, and Mr. Hall, who had more class… read more »

October Calendar: Colorado

Find your trail. read more »

Slow Car, Fast House

The 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia rested alone and unwanted in a field, baking under the Arizona sun until Mike and Geneva rescued the little camper from her gloomy fate. It wasn't long before the modifications and updates started, including a hightop AdventureWagen conversion, Bostig Ford engine swap, and a multitude of clever alterations to enhance comfort and convenience for the long run. Dubbed Alta (Spanish for "tall") for obvious reasons, she's begun her new life as a home on wheels to Mike, Geneva, and… read more »

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