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Thread: Hey KellyMoe......Mt. Baldy Q's

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    Default Hey KellyMoe......Mt. Baldy Q's

    Dude.....whats going on up there? Can I get up there tomorrow am and will they get the place dug out? Its powder time and I wanna play

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    I was up last week and they have a great base. with this new snow 18-24" so far, it should be great. I'm stuck at the fire station or I'd be there tomorrow too. Roads will probably be open but with chain restrictions. Wish i could go.

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    I'm headed up early tomorrow morning and I'm gonna be rocking a new pair of fat boards...Head Super Mojo's. I wanted to hit it today in the morning before work but my understanding is that they have some serious digging out to do first so I had to wait.

    If you are going to be up there...let me know and I'll ask around for you.

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    ....a few gratuitous phone camera pix from saturday 1/25. Lots of snow and it was turning into mashed potatoes as the day went on but damn do I like skiing up there when they have snow.

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    How was the coverage? The snow report says they got another 18" last night. I may be heading up there on Friday if all the stars align

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    Coverage was good but as usual...there are still rocks and branches so I have a few divots to repair. You might want to check out conditions a bit more....I got an email this morning from a buddy on a local mountaineering message board that said the following....

    Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 2:38 am Post subject:


    I was up at Baldy today. All that new snow has now frozen into one big popsicle, albeit a deeper, more complete popsicle than it was before. Absolute boilerpalte (can barely see your tracks). In the afternoon the graupel started up, with winds pushing it horizontal. If the next big snow doesn't start warm, that crust is going to be one hell of a weak layer. There was only about (an average of) an inch or two of graupel down when I left at 4:30, but it was windloading in places, and I would guess that there might be 6 or 7 inches in places by tomorrow morning.

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