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Thread: Hi-Lift Jack for Super Duty

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    Default Hi-Lift Jack for Super Duty

    Just added a 4" lift and 35" tires.

    I've been looking at Hi-lift Jacks. But, I have stock bumpers. I see guys that have them mounted in the bed or on a roof rack. Hi-Lift makes a hook to go under a bumper, mine doesn't seem tough enough to do that.

    These Guys driving around with a Hi-Lift with stock bumpers? Is it just off-road, 4x4 "bling"? You know "posers"?

    If I wanted to use one of these jacks I would need new bumpers, wouldn't I? Otherwise, how would I use a Hi-lift? Am I missing something?

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    We dont carry the highlift anymore (used to with the Jeep). There is no way a highlift is safe with the weight of a SuperDuty, as they bow under a Hummer. Any other more stable Jack, AND a Jackstand (6 ton), would may be suit this better.

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    You can use a Hi-Lift as a come along winch, or to help jack someone else up if they dont have a jack with them. The Super Duty may indeed be too heavy for a standard Hi-Lift, you could contact the company and see if they have one that they might recommend for your vehicle.

    That said, I guess a Hi-Lift has become something of a bit of "bling" in the off road community. But, functional bling at that.

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    High Lift makes an adapter / sling thing ( can't remember the exact name of it) that lets you hook on to the hole in your wheel to lift. I use this to lift one wheel at a time on my '95 F350 diesel & it works great. Of course if you need to change that tire you still need to block the axle after raising it so you can remove the tire. You'll also need the 5' version of the High Lift to be able to raise your truck high enough. Another option would be to replace your factory tow hooks with 2'' reciever hitches & then jack from there - I saw a late model superduty that had this done & it sure opens up lots of options for mounting things etc... That's also the best part about a high lift - options - you can winch with it, clamp things with it, lift the front of a trailer that has a broken jack, etc... hope this little ramble helps

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    I agree with everything that masterplumber said!

    I have used my 60" high-lift several times on my F350 without any problem. As masterplumber said, the Lift-Mate is the solution, to adapt the Hi-Lift when you don't have a compatible bumper. For getting unstuck the Lift-Mate works better than jacking the bumper since you are compressing the suspension as you lift.

    I should add that the amount of force required to lift an F-350 and camper using a Hi-Lift is ideally a 2 person job, and it is important to keep the beam of the Hi-Lift well away from the side of the truck or camper to prevent damage.

    In my opinion it is a very useful tool for self recovery, and not 4x4 "bling"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Guinness44
    There is no way a highlift is safe with the weight of a SuperDuty, as they bow under a Hummer. Any other more stable Jack, AND a Jackstand (6 ton), would may be suit this better.
    Don't know about this ... I used mine with my H1 (verified weight just over 8000# loaded) and it worked nicely; besides, I'm not performing surgery and crawling around under the truck, just a quick tire change in the desert.


    PS, EDIT, I just looked at Hi-Lift's website: 4,660 lbs (2113.74 kg) rated capacity. More than enough for emergency tire changes and one corner of a Super Duty.
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    Here is a link for receiver options using the standard bumper.

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    I agree with Mark (Outback Camper), on the use of the lift mate. Lifting a corner of the vehicle is what the jack is used for, not the whole vehicle. My Jackall, similar to Hi-Lift is always in the vehicle with the Lift Mate.
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    Here is how I carry the high lift on my F350 and ATC camper. I also use the sling

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