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Thread: Pics of your VAN! Post up!

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    Jun 2011
    apple valley ca

    Lightbulb OK OK,Im getting to IT

    Ok,So Finally gave up on the Quadravan since she quit on me.Note to self what do drill rigs really do??Any ways 1 dead cylinder and 14 hours just in interior to remove drill rig framing and rusted out roof!Just replaced Qvan with a 1987 Ford E350 Collins Bantam Bus,6.9 and a c6.Start build in two weeks after securing some parts from Gordon @ Pathfinder.I may be partial to E250s but im more partial to my $$$ and that pig of a 460 was not getting any more.Mapping out interior to include sink/stove , slide out rear kitchen ...etc
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    Smile vnkong

    front bumper is don:IMG_2027.jpg

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    Heh. Yeah, that's Grumpy and I.

    This is such a fun spot in the quarry at Badlands Off Road Park. Really good to bring newbs down. The passenger front drops, lifting the drivers rear. The rear wheel is actually a couple inches off the ground in this pic.

    The Cherokee that is barely visible in the upper left of the pic followed me down this. Family of four, first time off roading, so I spotted them down. Guy's wife in the passenger seat was "Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa!" When the front right dropped. They paused, she said, "I do NOT like this.", while the husband and kids were digging it, then I had them continue pulling forward.

    2005 Astro (Gandalf) - AWD, 4.3L, 3.42, 140k+ miles
    1997 Astro (Grumpy - $250 Rally Van) - AWD, 4.3L, 3.42, LSD, 2" lift, 31" tires, 335k+ orig engine, $30 eBay fuel pump
    2016 Patriot (MaK - Her Jeep) Painfully stock
    1980 KE100 (Bessie) - 100cc of fury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked van View Post
    front bumper is done:
    Serious piece!!! Nice work.
    Matt Lemons

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    Default The MULE


    Our Vanagon Syncro

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasmule View Post

    Our Vanagon Syncro
    Love it. Coming to Syncro Solstice in Moab? And bring me a pair of your rock sliders : )
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    1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro 4x4
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked van View Post
    i just finished my front bumperAttachment 98424
    That is so nice and its a Ford! the blackout grill and bumper is way over the top on a van. O by the way keep the Ford thing Chevy friends would disown me if they knew I really really liked this.....shhhhh.....Even tho my health has improved I continue to age (sigh) and Vans like these start to look like the answer to me......maybe I'll have my XJ Bronzed.
    Law of Mechanical Repair:
    "After your hands are coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee!"
    ...Don Dieball

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasmule View Post

    Our Vanagon Syncro
    Diggin' the Mule! I had a racebike named the Mule, no relation.

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    Out in JT this past weekend for the Supermoon. It was beautiful!
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    1990 VW Vanagon Mule..........Syncro
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    Default Here is my custom 4x4 bus

    Vehicle is an '87 Toyota Coaster SWB bus, fully custom converted by me!
    2006 F250 front & rear axles, 5R110 Auto & transfer, '94 Cummins 12v 5.9 Turbo Diesel, ARB front diff lock, onboard air system, rear air bags & leaf spring, twin rancho rear shocks, Koni custom valved front shocks, 187 litre custom long range rear tank & factory 90 litre main, custom built rear bar incorporating tow bar & twin swing arm wheel carrier, (only fit the 2nd carrier for remote trips), custom front bar ready for 12,000lb winch, spotties & custom stainless 3 1/2 inch snorkel.

    big Desert 056.jpgSide-1.jpg



    Here is the full story of the build;
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