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Thread: 2001 Suburban LT loaded, blown engine

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    Default 2001 Suburban LT loaded, blown engine

    My dad's 2001 Suburban blew its engine while idling. This could be a great inexpensive project platform for someone.

    Price: $3,000. Blue book is about $8,000 and a new engine I'm guessing is about $5,000 (the engine rebuilder gave that as a worst case guess, but they have never rebuilt one as they have never seen one fail).

    Let me be totally honest here, if I had the money to put a new engine in it I would take it. I can't even tell you how much I would love to rebuild this and spend a few months cruising around Mexico or the US. I don't know another vehicle that can transport a family and gear as comfortably or effectively. Gas mileage historically has been about 18-20 mpg in 2wd on the highway, 16-18 in 4wd. My personal worst on it was 14 mpg driving with four people and gear through Kansas in 4wd with 60+ mph head and cross winds. Not sure if this is relevant given that it needs a new engine.

    The bad:
    Needs new engine and I would replace battery, alternator and starter as well as they are original
    Auto-ride shocks removed, but electronics remain
    Located in Denver, but the vehicle would need to be towed (see needs new engine above)
    About 240,000 miles, all highway [edit: not 250,000 as originally listed].

    The good:
    Frame replaced at about 200,000 miles by a very, very good shop. Long story, PM if you care.
    Good tires
    New Kenwood/Boston Acoustics audio
    The truck is very clean overall
    New complete AC system (if it could be replaced, it was)
    4.11 gears -- this is very rare
    Complete new front suspension -- if it can be replaced, it was
    The truck has never been on a dirt road that would challenge an Subaru.
    My dad is extremely anal about maintenance

    So if the truck is so great, why aren't we just putting in a new engine? Well, my dad has been wanting a new Suburban since the new models came out, and this is the perfect excuse for a new truck.
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    Sounds like a great deal to me. 1/2 ton or 3/4? What motor?
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    Pic, color, options, and 1500 or 2500?

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    Sorry, I've been out for a couple days. I'll try to get pics up this afternoon.

    It is a 1500, color is dark grey metallic, interior is light grey leather, all options that were available for that model year.

    I talked to me dad this morning. First $3,000 takes it and I was wrong about the mileage it is 240k. I will amend the first post to reflect that.

    [Note: first post updated with price and mileage]
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