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Thread: Expedition TJ Buildup....

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    Default Expedition TJ Buildup....

    Living on the east coast is rather frustrating when most of the trails and places I'd like to experience are hundreds of miles away. With this in mind my plan from the beginning has been to build a vehicle that I wouldn't mind driving long distances (across the country eventually) to remote, scenic places. Of course, once at the trailhead my rig had better be capable enough to make it through multiple days of 4-wheeling and then get me home again.

    Now I realize that a LWB Jeep may have been a better option this kind of thing but my base vehicle happens to be a TJ..

    With these factors in mind requirements for my rig are simple; a vehicle that can handle a variety of weather conditions (snow in particular), something that will be comfortable during long excursions yet right at home on the trail, enough storage for my gear.

    So, if anyone is building a rig with similar factors in mind I'd love to hear about your experiences and what parts/accessories have worked (or haven't worked) for you.

    Here's the plan......

    Base Vehicle
    2004 Jeep TJ Sport
    Automatic Transmission
    3.73 Gears
    Dana 30/44
    Dual Tops

    Wheels and Tires
    265/75R16 BF Goodrich All Terrain Tires
    16x8 American Racing Baja Wheels (4.5" BS)

    2.5" Old Man Emu HD Suspension
    .75" Rubicon Express Coil Spacers (4)

    Steering / Control Arms etc.
    JKS "Quicker" Disconnects
    JKS HD Chromoly Tie Rod
    JKS Adjustable Lower Control Arms (4)
    Curre HD Adjustable Front Track Bar
    Nthº Mobility Adjustable Upper Control Arms (4)

    Advance Adapters SYE / Tom Woods CV Shaft

    Nthº Mobility Tummy Tucker / Auto Skid / Oil Pan Skid
    Kilby Gas Tank / Steering Box Skids
    Sun Performance Rocker Guards
    JKS LCA skids (weld on)

    Garvin Wilderness Front Bumper + IPF 968 Driving Lights
    Garvin Wilderness Rear Bumper + Swingout Tire Carrier

    Warn Winch (undecided model)
    48" Hi-Lift Jack
    ARB Recovery Strap

    Cobra 75WXST CB / Firestik Antenna
    Husky Floor Lines (front, rear and cargo)
    Wet Okole Seat Covers (Black)

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    Many of the parts listed are currently bolted to my rig. Others I'll be swapping in. Right now I'm running the following:

    OME HD Coils / RE .75" Coil Spacers
    Rubicon Express Twin Tube Shocks
    32x11.50 BFG AT's
    1.25" Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

    When it comes time for new tires (which will be soon) I'll be switching over to the 265's and the 16" AR Baja's plus a nice set of the new *black* OME shocks .

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    Welcome to the Portal..

    Beautiful Jeep!

    Looks like you'v done some homework and have come up with a sound plan. I like your lower lift and increase of ground clearance approach. Sounds like it'll suit your needs.

    I'll let those with a SWB give their impression of maximizing space.

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    Oh, and you asked about parts that didnt work for us....

    The JKS HD Tierod. I forgot to antisieze the tierod ends in and broke one attempting to swap it out...hardly JKS's fault. But now i own a $90 prybar...just something to think about.

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    Welcome to the portal

    Your Jeep looks great! I actually dont find the SWB to be a big problem. You can build a strong trail platform and then pull a trailer to distribute the payload.

    Cant wait to see your Jeep evolve
    Scott Brady
    Instagram - @globaloverland

    Overland Journal
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    York OBA, should be available as a bolt in kit!
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    2014 Tundra 4x4 Ex Cab (Expo Rig Build In Progress)


    My Tundra Build: http://www.expeditionportal.com/foru...te-up-and-Pics!

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    I agree with Scott (exwest) about the trailer. After setting my jeep up to run [what I call] moderate trails (3.5 - 4.5 on a 1 - 5 scale), I figured out that I like doing the exploring thing as much as the rock crawling thing. After a couple years of trying various configurations with the jeep, I have concluded that a trailer is the way to go. Stick a fridge inside of it, a roof top tent on top of it, pull the rear seat out of the jeep, and you will have plenty of room for 2 people to live comfortably for weeks on end (with the occasional stop for a shower.....).

    Even with my current configuration (in which the interior consists of a drivers seat, center console, and a whole bunch of flat platform), there really isn't enough room to live for more than a week or two if you are travelling solo (or with a 4 legged friend). If you want to take the hand brake or the kids....you are gonna need a trailer.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Just added a new page to my website featuring misc. pics of my TJ both on the trail and otherwise . You can check it out here:


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    MY EX - TJ was riged with 1 inch BB and 2 inch SL.
    and was greta on expeditions , but lack of space made me dicide to sell
    and get a cherokee.
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    Nice looking TJ, looks like it's already very well traveled. And you have a good base to start from with the D44 Rear.

    LUISJG - Which roof rails/bars are those?
    -2004 Sportsmobile RB 4x2
    -The Belafonte - Ambulance buildup - SOLD
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