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Thread: M416 $375, M416 $275, Roof Top Tent $400 and more...

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    Default M416 $375, M416 $275, Roof Top Tent $400 and more...

    All items to be shipped except the Roof Top tent. I will be traveling to the Core Banks NC from Ohio on July 16th. I can deliver, on my way, the RTT, CB and/or the M 116 trailer/Toyota box bed for a fee.

    For sale
    Roof Top Tent $400 NEW NEVER USED (SOLD)

    For Sale
    US ARMY Pioneer Tool trailer $575 (hard to find) SOLD
    Tool Outfit
    Portable Electric tools
    Trailer Mounted

    Southwest truck body

    Overall measurements
    L 149.5” (12.5 feet)
    W 79.3” (6.6 feet)
    H 69.1” (5.75 feet)

    Box measurements
    L 106.3 (8.85 feet)
    W 49.5” (4.125 feet)
    H 36.5” (3.04 feet)

    Width 13.2”

    Height from ground 27.5”

    Height 36.2” Military (9.00X16)

    Ground Clearance
    15.75” (1 foot 3 3/4")!!!

    Length 50”

    Two M 416’s Selling BOTH for $600...$300 a piece for a M 416 is a deal! NEVER SOLD going to keep them!!

    M 416 #1 $375
    This one is the better of the two. It is not to bent up and no rust holes. The brake is locked up. No taillights and the wires are cut in 2 places. 50 coats of paint. Overall, this one looks good. If it were sandblasted, it would look great. Missing removable hitch, buy trailer #2 as well and use the hitch from that one!

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    And M 416 #2 $275 Back up for sale-no local payment!
    NOT as good as #1 but its all here to restore??

    This one rolls around good. Brake seems to work. Is beat up pretty good and one small rust hole in the front lower right side (from standing water). Front is bent up were the hitch is. Taillights smashed but wires are good. Fenders bent but can be fixed easy. 50 coats of paint!!

    For Sale SOLD
    Cobra 18 WX ST II 40-channel CB radio *NEW NEVER USED* $57 shipped (SALE PENDING)
    1 DIN mount for in dash. Still wrapped in the foam from the factory.

    10 NOAA weather channels and a front-firing speaker, making it ideal for under-dash mount. The SoundTracker System reduces noise for clear communication, and the unit's compact design makes it ideal for recreational vehicles.

    LINK to web site

    For Sale
    Paha Que 12x10 Screen room with rain fly $335
    Link to Paha Que screen room (cost $470 on Paha Que BUT Due to current demand 'ScreenRoom 12x10' is unavailable)

    This is by far the best screen room made! I have had it on the beach in wind gusts of around 30-40mph. I am sure it could take more and stay put. Not sure if I really want to sell…..

    For Sale $425 (had to raise the price...I owe for storage!) For sale local now, hurry. SOLD
    6’ Contractors closed in box bed for a small pick up. Currently built as a trailer, basically the back half of a small truck cut in half and welded a tongue. I was planning on putting this box onto the M 416 trailer. But if I had a Toyota I would be putting it onto my truck ASAP! Would be 1000 times better than the stock bed with maybe double the room. Add the RTT and your set. It has two barn doors on the back and big swing down doors on each side. Integrated taillights and brake lights. Toyota style rear bumper with two 2” receiver hitches welded to it. Needs some TLC and the paint is old but what a great start! I will have to dig up some pictures.


    72W, 84L and 61T. The wheel well is about 42 on center. It looks like this box would fit ANY short bed truck, not just the Isuzu/Toyota frame its on now. I measured my short bed Superduty and its almost a perfect fit!

    For Sale
    Dometic Refrigerator/freezer 3 way, 3.0 cu ft. Like new, removed from a slide in truck camper. Was used maybe 3 times before removed. I have used it 6-7 times on 110V after removing from camper. Gets down below freezing fast, no problem. Looks like new in and out. I think the size was very common in truck campers and pop ups. Same as in 4Wheel campers $400

    For Sale $125 SOLD
    NEW in box! 2000/4000 Watt Peak Power Inverter, Modified sine wave, 3 cooling fans. I paid $189, only selling because I don't need two big inverters.

    For Sale $50 SOLD
    NEW in box! 1000/2000 Watt Peak Power Inverter, Three grounded polarized AC receptacles, 2 cooling fans, 3 outlets. I paid $107, only selling because I don't need this in a second truck.

    For Sale NIKON
    Nikon AF 20mm F/2.8 lens for repair, looks and works like new, front and rear glass-small rub marks. no hood $120
    Nikon AF 20mm F/2.8 like new with hood $275 SOLD
    Nikon AF 24mm F/2.8 mint-minus the one contact for the auto focus. Still works on my D3 super sharp but needs repair, with hood $150
    Nikon AF 35mm F/2.0 mint $275 super super sharp and fast lens. This lens on a Kodak 14N is killer sharp! DSLR landscape king combo SOLD
    Nikon F5 DCS/Kodak 660 body with AA/IR filter and world wide AC plugs and charger. 20K clicks. images from this camera look great. I paid $18,000 back in the day!!! Sell for $550

    Also looking to sell soon

    Sinar F2 4x5 view camera mint with Nikon 90, 150, 210mm lens, bag bellows, ext rail, filter rod
    Mamiya Pro 645 Camera mint with power winder, 55, 80, 135mm lens (shutter locked up due to dead battery problem) In for repair and cleaning
    Nikon F4 9.5 out of 10 with a new MB-21 , original gold Nikon box, B screen, $475
    Nikon 8008 looks almost new. I think I have run maybe 30 rolls in this camera, I can't fine the box, $100 (little brother to the F4)
    Nikon/Kodak 14N multi-function button loose on back, Hard grip rubber removed, custom eye cup, 13.9 MP BIG files, SUPER sharp. New $5450. $500 with 4 Kodak batteries Org box

    For Sale

    4 steel wheels 15" 4.5x5 Sand blasted and painted black. fit Ford Ranger/Explorer, Jeeps, Toyota. $25 for all 4
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    Ford SuperDuty Crew Cab short bed, 7.3L International Turbo Diesel,325 RWHP, 6 speed, 5" Superlift, 37" BFG BAJA on HMMWV double beadlocks, Bushwacker cut out flares, Custom Flippac camper build, Custom Roof Rack, Custom ARE Aluminum cap M101A3 trailer, FordSuperDuty Pictures

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    That tool trailer is totally, RAD!!!

    Toyota Land Cruiser 80's a sledgehammer approach to a thumbtack world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoGas View Post
    That tool trailer is totally, RAD!!!
    x2 I was just telling Josh that could be my new home on wheels!!!
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    How much to get the tool trailer to AZ 85087 ?

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    I think you're leaving money on the table with price on the tool trailer. They are rare and that one is in great shape. Someone is getting a good deal.
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    That tool trailer is awesome ,great shape too.

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    If one of my dirtbikes sells I'll take the tool trailer for sure.
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    PM sent

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    That tool trailer has REAL potential!
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