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Thread: Vintage Coleman Catalytic Heater

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    Default Vintage Coleman Catalytic Heater

    Hi All - I am new here and thanks for the forums.

    I have recently come into my fathers, now vintage, Green Round Coleman Catalytic Heater, its adjustable 5000 to 8000 BTU, I remember it as a kid, but have no idea how to light it, Dad is no longer around to show me how to work it and I can't find a manual online.

    Anyone have an idea ?



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    I make sure mine is filled with "white fuel".

    Then I turn it upside down for less than 30 seconds and move it around in a circle while holding it.

    This will prime the cat, and put fuel down into the cat.

    Then, set it down, and you should be able to light it. It will not flame up. You should get a nice glow that will slowly move across the whole surface.

    It works so well, I have to turn it down to Low, in the SWR, while sleeping in winter!

    Picture of my Original Coleman Cat Heater Box. I'm sure that's the one you are speaking of.

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    Thanks Ill give it a run this afternoon



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    sorry for the hijack but i have a question on this. my dad has one of these as well and im wondering how well it would work to make some kind of an adapter so that i could put the heater on the roof of my truck and heat my rtt using a heater duct. kind of a homemade zodi.

    any comments???
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    I suppose you could fashion some sort of ducting to go around it and have a small fan at one end to push air over it and into your tent; a computer fan is quiet and efficient and should work. The Coleman's are a passive heater though with no fan. You'd probably be better off using one of the catalytic propane heater that has a fan. Personally I don't like the smell of the Colemans but maybe that's just the two old ones I have. ????
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