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Thread: Trucker's Chain @ Harbor Freight

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    Default Trucker's Chain @ Harbor Freight

    FYI - Recieved a coupon from Harbor Freight for 50% of a 3/8 x 14' Grade 43 Truckers Chain - Regular price $29.99 for sale at $14.99.

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    I wouldn't even use grade 43 to secure a load, and neither would truckers.
    It's stuitable for locking a gate, using on an engine hoist, things that aren't any kind of load.
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    Default Agree

    Agree -You get what you pay for, but I do like having some disposable equipment at times.

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    Default chain vs nylon tow strap

    I was thinking of getting a chain like that to carry in my camper (Isuzu NPR with a truck camper) but am thinking that a better solution is a nylon tow strap.

    Northern Tool has a 2"x30' strap, rated at 6,000 lb working load, 18,000 lb breaking strength, for $38. As my truck is only 2WD and I will be depending on all of you 4x4ers to pull me out if I get stuck (hahaha), is this a reasonable strap to carry, rather than a heavy chain? Is is long enough? Heavy duty enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicHanson View Post
    Northern Tool has a 2"x30' strap, rated at 6,000 lb working load, 18,000 lb breaking strength, for $38.

    2 in. x 30 ft.
    Rated 20000 lbs.

    2 in. x 20 ft.
    Rated 20000 lbs.
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