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Thread: Death Valley Pics

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    Default Death Valley Pics

    Hey guys-- just completed a 190 mile trip in & around Death Valley with a group of Jeep's. Had a great time over the 4 days. Couple of tight spots for the van, but I just recieved a few scratches, no big deal.----Chris

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    Sweet! I love DV!

    Dude, that van is a freaken monster!
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    First one looks like Lippencott Mine Road? We spent a week on one of the ridges at the top just enjoying the view into the Saline Valley and riding our bikes around the mine last month.

    The van looks good. I followed the build up on the 4x4 van list & your web-site. Quite impressive. I'll probably have some questions when we settle down and go to do some rework on the suspension of ours.


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    Yea, Lippencott was one of the trails we ran. Awesome area. Let me know if Ican help you with anything. I'll want some input from you as well when I finally decide what to do with my interior.---Chris

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    I have got to make it out there one winter...
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