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Thread: C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixSpeed View Post
    How are you liking the 395/85/20 XZL's? How many miles do you have on them. I have a 4x4 international as well looking for tire opinions!
    So far, so good, with about 3500 miles on them. They're quieter than I thought they'd be on the pavement, and they've been great off-road. Mine are on Hutchinson wheels, which required some minor machining and spacers for the rear to deal with the offset issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeverEnough View Post
    Headed south with the family this past week. Late departure, all lit up before rolling out:

    We camped in the Grand Staircase, off Cottonwood Road that connects UT12 to Big Water/Kanab on 89. First stop was Grosvenor Arch.

    Unhooking the trailer in order to pull forward for slide out deployment. In usual fashion, we setup a central basecamp, then buzzed around on the dirt bikes for day trips. Amazingly warm and dry- too dry. We were walking down slot canyons that are normally flowing this time of year without getting our feet wet.

    I continue to be impressed with the off-road capabilities of the 7400. My only complaint so far is wind noise from the forward doors at highway speeds. We drove home in a stiff headwind and it's became obvious that I've got adjust the hinges on the forward doors to get a better seal. Unfortunately, I'm clueless about how to go about it, so unless someone on the forum has some experience with these doors, it'll probably be a trial and error ordeal.

    Your rig is SICK. My first build (which was recent) is this:

    My second build will be a ground up build like yours. Well done.


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