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Hey, I have one of those.... That build was as much fun as my expo rig, maybe more!

My son an his buddy, both rapidly becoming talented nature photographers and videographers, already up since pre-dawn capturing the early light on Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. My jobs are driver, key grip and gaffer! With a wide enough lens and proper angle, the truck doesn't look nearly as intimidating!
Yeah, that angle makes it look rather dare I say, normal sized?

I love working in and on data centers. The 2 we have now (well one proper DC and one large server room - 16 racks) were the 4th and 5th I have been involved in designing and deploying. I am more hands off now (Manager) but I still get in there as much as possible! Nerd Life!

Love this build!

Hey, for your next build you should look into a friends company for panels...http://totalcomposites.com/. You might have seen this already?

Anyhow, just finished showing my wife your rig, she was impressed. heh