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Thread: C5500 TopKick 4x4 Crew Cab Build

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    Thanks, and yes, Colorado has been very nice so far.

    I think your box was fairly complex with your slides etc. I should think a more simple box might be a bit less stress. I do not know though.

    Did you have to do anything to support cabinets etch. I have been pondering building a box out of sandwich panels, but I wonder how well they would hold up, and how one would mount to it without having to punch all the way through to the outside to get support.
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    My panels used a composite, random strand skin with a thermally-fused polyester veil. The veil allowed us to use fiberglass lay-up for butt joints, which is how all of the cabinet shells and internal walls were made. The joints are very strong and almost invisible. Laminate was then glued over the skins. They've withstood enough road testing at this point to validate the technique. There are a few situations where a mechanical fastener was required, such as adjustable shelve within cabinets, or the marine catches for the cabinets. In those cases, we glued 1/16" aluminum strips to the skin, which was enough for a screw to get a good bite, and it works with the aluminum trim and highlights used throughout the interior.

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