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Thread: Mat for tent entrance?

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    Default Mat for tent entrance?

    Hello, normally when I go camping I throw a small tarp on the ground at the entrance to the tent. After a day or so it starts filling up with dirt and if it rains, water.

    Just wondering what you guys use as an alternative, if anything.


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    Try shade cloth.

    It allows you to keep your feet clean and all the dirt falls through back on to the ground.

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    I have rubber door mat from Home Depot. It has holes throughout, and doubles
    as a shower mat and sand ladder.

    You can also use a 3' X 3' anti fatigue mat cut in half and dose the same thing. It also dose as above it has holes throughout.

    Both can be shaken out or banged on a tire to clean off the mud and dirt.

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    On ou ttent trailer (I know, not a tent, but you will see the idea) we have a large indoor/outdoor piece of astroturf. It folds up small and lets water through. If you got a smaller one for the tent, this could roll into the tent sack and not even be an extra storage issue.
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    I use a piece of cheap outdoor carpet \ astroturf - you can get it a home depot cheap.
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    shade cloth is a good one for sure

    at this point we are also using a outdoor carpet roll we got at costco
    fits nice and also lets our little one crawl around etc... and is nice for him to play on our last camp trip the ground was pretty rocky so the thick of the carpet was a nice break on the little ones

    while it can gather stuff on it water runs through it and it drys very quick

    once he gets a bit older and is not on his knees as much go back to shade cloth with grommets and stakes that hold it down tight and flush if the ground allows
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    another endorsement for shade cloth. I usually use it doubled. This the coarsely knit plastic fabric sold in garden centers, to provide shade over plants and people.

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    In front of my tent I use a doormat made from strips of cut-up tires strung together with wire. These used to be quite common, but aren't seen so much anymore (at least by me).

    This mat has the advantages of (1) allowing stuff to fall through it, so material like sand is not tracked into the tent so much, (2) staying off the ground, thereby giving some protection from wet ground, and (3) rolling up for convenient stowing. It fits under the rainfly when needed.


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    I also use shade cloth, under the tent over the tent and for the door mat. Plus we use it as the flooring when we are setting up the kitchen for extended stays.
    I buy mine from Gemplers they carry it in all weights and sizes.

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    astroturf analog from the home center....looks nice, feels nice, shakes out well, hose it off when filthy.

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