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Thread: VW Transporter for the USA

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    Default VW Transporter for the USA

    Just finished hosting a Xmas party in which two of my guests, both whom work for VW, assured me that that VW is either retooling or building a plant in or around Spartanburg NC in order to build Transporters for the US market. TDI's nonetheless. These guys are super solid and good friends and wouldn't b.s. me, but I will believe it when I see it. With any luck we will be able to get this package.


    Apparently Jettas/Golfs and possibly The Amorack will also be assembled at the same facility.

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    I wasn't able to find a current VW plant around Spartanburg or any news of VW looking around there. Hopefully your friends are right. I love my Astros, but I might look at a T5.

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    I'll start saving my pennies...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatemybike View Post
    I wasn't able to find a current VW plant around Spartanburg or any news of VW looking around there.
    VW has built their US headquarters right here in Chattanooga and plan to be online VERY soon. As far as I know they do not have any other plans at the moment to build a plant elsewhere in the US however they have designed there plant so that the Paint booth can be shared with another future plant side by side. The buzz here is that it will be an Audi line but who knows?!
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    Default Plant

    I spoke with my friend at VW again, and going to try to email the info he has. Anyhow, he said the the new Jetta is already in production at the new plant in Tennessee, and there is another line being built for the T5. Spartanburg is incorrect, my bad. I am starting to save as well.

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    I'm very happy to see these vans being offered in North America again! Even if they are only half a good as my current T4 Eurovan that they will be a winner! Although not a cheap one... But then again, having TDI Eurovan would be just amazing!

    Here is a build someone did in Austria:

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    The one thing it's missing is the pop top or the ability to stand in it. I LOVE my VW being able to stand in it in miserable weather. If I hadn't had broken motor mounts, my gf and I would have gone camping this weekend in the pouring rain at some hot springs for a romantic getaway and stayed dry!
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    k i guess that was a false rumor... oh the internets

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    I recently wrote VW of America and asked about the availability of the Rockton.

    Response: "At this time, there are no plans to introduce the Rocktan to the US
    market. Please be assured your comments have been documented and made
    available to the proper parties at Volkswagen of America. Feedback from
    our customers is a driving force in the design and production of future
    Volkswagen vehicles."

    My heart sunk, darn! What a rig!

    If your interested you can contact VW of America here: http://www.vw.com/en/contact_us/nav/contact_us.html

    I wonder what would happen if they got deluged with hundreds of phone calls and emails? I know they would have a good corner in the market, who else makes a mid sized 4x4 van with good mileage here in the USA?

    There is a new vw plant in Chattanooga TN, I believe that to be true.

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    It is very possible that VW will build T-5s in TN but still not sell them in the US. With the USD-Euro value what it is building in the US for export is profitable.
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