Thread: FWC re-siding/roof/repair work question?

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    Default FWC re-siding/roof/repair work question?

    hello everyone.

    I'm the new owner of a very used 2005 Eagle.

    It's been abused but luckily everything works 100%. More just cosmetic issues that I can see and want to address.

    This summer I want to re-side everything to get rid of small dents and dings + square everything up. See the pic where you can see the how the roof does not match to side + the roofing material is "wavy". It appears to be the original material. I'm not sure what has caused this issue.

    Question: Is there any info/pics on the web where someone has done some repair work similar to my plan on a FWC? I searched the forums here and didn't find anything.

    An early thanks.

    ps - the small cabover inte the background will soon be back up for sale.
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    It looks like someone tried to raise the roof with a can opener!
    Can't really be of help but have you tried the Wander the West web site? A lot of FWC users there. Also the guys at FWC and All Terrain Campers are very helpful. Maybe a job for the builders/pros?
    Good luck.

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    Default You can do it!

    The siding is no big deal. You can get the material from FWC or other sites on the internet. But!, you are in Truckee and are really close to FWC. They are now doing installs for a one piece roof that is really cool. Talk to Stan @ FWC. I am sure he will see this post and respond.
    Don't be afraid to tinker. It is what keeps me sane. You can always find the answer either here or at Wander the West forum.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info. I didn't know FWC and ATC were so close. Both have the materials for my job.

    I'll dive into the project sometime this spring and will document it as well.

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