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Thread: hummer rims for srw

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    Nov 2008
    So how do the MRW compare to your stocktons?

    Any visible difference?

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    The Stockton wheels were slotted and the new MRW wheels are solid. They were built to the same specs as far as backspace, etc. There was some thought that the Stockton wheels were flexing due to the "slots".

    I still have Stockton wheels on the front that are solid center and have not had a problem.

    I did notice that the centers of the MRW wheels are beefier than the Stockton wheels. To the untrained eye (me) the welds look good, and Brant at MRW was easy to work with.

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    Default Need specifics for MRW

    I just spoke with Brendt at MRW and he remembers making the wheels for you but doesn't have the specifics (backspacing, centers, etc). He needs to look it up by name or order number - would you be able to supply those specifics to the board???


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    Quote Originally Posted by bowzer View Post
    Stockton wheels cracked while on vacation out west, and I was lucky to make it home.
    I had Stockton rims on a vehicle [un-named, but listed below in my signature] and had 3 separate catastrophic rim cracks — each one starting at the valve hole. Stockton denied any responsibility for the failures, despite several knowledgeable experts diagnosing the obvious common problem. I would be VERY WARY of doing business with them on any account!!

    In an effort to get the stronger rims I needed, I spoke with Rickson several times. They did not ever offer to solve my rim needs [it seemed like they were working on other projects that might net them more work, understandable to me as I was a VERY small customer], but on the other hand they seemed very knowledgeable and never promised anything they could not deliver. I would go back to them if I needed help.
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    How have those Marsh wheels worked out for you?

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