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Thread: Why Tread Lightly!...?

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    Tip of the week:

    With many areas in western states still receiving snow (the year of the endless winter?) and high snowpack levels throughout, it is important to take a few things into consideration before heading out.

    1) Check with local land managers to see if seasonal opening dates on gated trails have been extended.
    2) Minimize use of extremely wet trails to avoid the creation of ruts.
    3) Go through patches of snow, not around. Chains were not invented so that we could drive around snow-bashing opportunities
    4) Be prepared in case the weather changes on you. Think extra clothing, water, food, and gear to spend the night if things get real bad.

    Most of all... have fun and be safe out there!

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    Tip of the week:

    Now that summer has officially begun (by our definition, not the calendar's)... lets talk sharing and courteous use.

    1) Be aware that with very few exceptions, almost all motorized areas are open to the vast majority of other uses. This could mean hikers, equestrians, and of course other riders/drivers in the area. Slow down in tighter areas and where visibility is reduced.
    2) Motorized users yield to everyone, everyone yields to equestrians. Stop and say hello to other users if given the opportunity.
    3) Use caution around equestrians. While many trail horses are getting more accustomed to vehicular travel, they can still be easily spooked. Stop well ahead of them, and turn off your engine unless waived by. On quads and dirt bikes, stop on the downhill side of the trail, as a horse's instinct with uphill movement is to anticipate a predator.
    4) In general, yield to uphill traffic. This is not a rule, it's a guideline. Use common sense please, and most of all be patient. We've all been in situations where its in the best interest of all parties to yield to downhill traffic.

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    Very cool to see Tread Lightly here.
    Who is the person behind the screen name?
    Tell us about yourself.
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    A nice video to distract you from your day, and get everyone in the mindset to wheel this weekend...

    Produced through Tread Lightly and the Toyota Trail Teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greg mgm View Post
    Very cool to see Tread Lightly here.
    Who is the person behind the screen name?
    Tell us about yourself.
    I was waiting for someone to ask...

    My name is Justin Lilly, and i'm a Master Trainer for Tread Lightly!, as well as the former program coordinator for the Stay The Trail program in Colorado (you've all probably seen the ads in Overland Journal). My background includes a bachelors of science in Land Use and Resource Management, as well as many summers working in parks, recreation, and forestry.

    I currently live part-time in Alaska, part-time in Colorado. I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee that has cost me many thousands of dollars, a couple relationships, and a collective few quarts of blood. I also enjoy riding dirt bikes, and the odd ATV on occasion. One of these days, i'll make it to the Overland Expo (hopefully).

    And because I am in the land of the midnight sun, I will admit that my sleep has been affected and most my posts are fueled by coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Leary View Post
    Welcome to ExPo, TreadLightly!

    Trainer and supporter here. Everyone who is serious about this hobby should help this program. Its definitely worth it.
    Agree 100%
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    Happy Monday everyone! (Yes, I know... its a crime to be excited for a Monday, but still.)

    Today's Tip of the Week takes on a different form... More of a discussion of the week.

    Under the "Do Your Part" principle, we encourage all OHV enthusiasts to be ambassadors to not only the general public, but also within our community. This includes holding our peers accountable and promoting the Tread Lightly! ethic to those who may be unaware or uninterested... So here's the question:

    Have you ever approached someone on the trail who was where they shouldn't have been, or doing something that could be considered irresponsible recreation? How did you handle that situation? What was the outcome?

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    Tread Lightly Thanks for posting up. You have a pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tread Lightly! View Post
    ...My name is Justin Lilly, and i'm a Master Trainer for Tread Lightly!, as well as the former program coordinator for the Stay The Trail program in Colorado...
    Did we meet at Cruise Moab last year (at Area BFE)? We had a brief chat about STT. Are you here in Utah now or working over the interweb?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Co-opski View Post
    Tread Lightly Thanks for posting up. You have a pm.

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