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Thread: EarthRoamer is Hiring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill@EarthRoamer.com View Post
    I don’t want to sound flippant, but I think the only place in today’s economy that you will find a “permanent” position is working for the Government!

    We don’t have any “temporary positions” but I also can’t guarantee “permanent employment.” Even in a “slow” economy we have a very substantial backlog of orders, a strong balance sheet, and see no signs of demand for our products slowing down. I believe that we have a great deal of control of our own destiny and that we will have a strong future as long as we keep producing world class products that meet the needs of our customers.


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    Default Busy day at EarthRoamer...

    Quote Originally Posted by arktrekker View Post
    I drive past the place every day on my way to work in Frederick and he isn't kidding about them being busy.

    I really wanted to back up to the trailer you had out on thurs or friday and tow off that bronze roamer you had loaded. Beautiful rig
    Thanks! It was a busy day at EarthRoamer last Friday, we shipped two XV-LTs and one XV-JP.

    Bill Swails
    President and CEO

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    very pretty

    I didn't imagine that ER would frequently be shipped. Looks like two fit within inches on a drop deck.

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    application sent off! hoping for the best!


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