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    I have my compressor hard mounted under the hood an air tank behind the front bumper. I do like your idea of having it portable, works well if you have more than one vehicle. My friend Larry has an Extreme Outback portable that is awesome. It comes mounted in a heavy duty tool box and huge cables to clip to the battery.
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    If I were to do it over again I would just buy a co2 tank, much faster and more portable. I borrowed a buddy's tank and it aired my 33x12.50 tires from 15psi to 32psi in under 90 seconds each, my small compressor takes about 5 minutes each and can get hot. We also ran air tools off his tank which you can't do with most compressors.

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    All very true. Just be mindful of the weight factor. I have sustained injuries to my back (Past life) and after purchasing my PowerTank, which I love BTW, can be a bit heavy when loading/unloading. I also bought a special carry bag with pouches to store all my hoses, acesseries and deflators. When all are combined, it can get a wee heavy.

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