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Thread: Watches - ExPo Style

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    Nice Casio... they make some sweet watches.

    I am VERY impressed with the new Timex lineup. Never thought I would say that but wow, sweet stuff. German design, Italian made, great options on the adventure stuff too. All that for a couple hun!
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    unlike many, i do not like large watches, nor do i have an afinity for the analog variety.

    day to day i just use my phone. on trips i'm currently using a very inexpensive watch, but with one feature i like - vibrating as well as audible alarms:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselandmud View Post
    What about automatic winding watches that are water proof (50-100 meters), lightweight and easy to read day or night? The LumiNox field watches are $800+
    Any suggestions?
    They can be found for less:
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    Default Expo watch

    My daily/Expo watch is a Omega Seamaster, I love it! mjmcdowell

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    I also like the Tissot T-Touch. Awesome watch, but kinda expensive for the bush, yeah. Although so is my BMW...
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris85xlt View Post
    i wear a Tissot T-touch
    polished titanium

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    "Real" expeditioner's watch...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody1771 View Post
    my next watch will be a Casio, i need a new diving watch and this one fits the bill, plust at only $500 its not to painful!

    Yeah, casio makes a good watch for the price. I got this one for something like $80 at Walmart I think...

    Looks like it can be had for less. And in all black:

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    Watch, compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, but mostly watch.

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    I dig that. I saw a few at the Columbia Employee Store last week that looked like they'd make good ExPo watches:,sc.html

    Anyone own any of these?

    - Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
    "Real" expeditioner's watch...
    Love it! Old Skool FTW!

    I still run an HP 11C at work. To the young engineers of today, RPN is like an abacus....
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