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Thread: Coconino National Forest Travel Management Plan

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    Default Coconino National Forest Travel Management Plan

    I am not all the way through (lot of reading here)...some will agree...some won't but some big changes coming to the NF...

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    I strongly disagree with the new rules. I have been going to Flagstaff for 20 quick moto summer get away is now fricken gone...gee thanks guys!

    If they kick out one user group, they should kick out all of them. EVERY single user group has an impact. The TMR is highly discriminatory.
    This has nothing to do with conservation, and everything to do with one user group, not liking another user group. I could see if they booted everyone off the mountain, the hikers, cyclists, equestrians, skiers, (heck the ski resort, clear cut a whole bunch of trees to make runs)...but they aren't. This is just a bunch of elitist holi-than-thou types strong arming people with their deeper pockets...

    Word on the street is, the equestrians are next.

    Don't know why we can't all share the area, doesn't anyone listen to their mothers anymore!? "If you kids can't play one gets to play."

    Just goes to show that everyone hates everyone else.

    The ironic thing is, most of the trails in Flag are built on the side of a volcano...
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    With the massive impact the new OHV vehicles have had here in the Prescott area, they had to do something. The number of bikes, quads, utv's, and 4x4 users shot up in the mid 2000's, and the amount of illegal trials did the same. It wasn't isolated to just AZ either. Believe me, I've seen round after round of closures over the years, and if, and I do mean if, people follow the restrictions in place, perhaps we can stave off another round for a few years.

    Seriously, some of the most beautiful places we used to go to have been utterly trashed by wanna be rock crawlers, quads and utv's creating trails thru clearly marked "closed to vehicle travel" meadows, creek beds, and trashing hillsides for "fun", and it goes on and on.

    Fortunately, if you want to ride single track and quad trails, the PNF has built several hundred miles of fun and challenging trails near Camp Wood. They are all gated to 48" and under which keeps the biggest UTV's out.

    You still have better access to roads and trails than most states do, so get out and enjoy it. Seriously, if you want to, you can ride from Chino Valley to the Springerville/Eager area, and only use a few dozen miles of paved roads. It doesn't get much better than that does it?


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    To close trails that are ridden and maintained by responsible riders, is not going to solve the knucklehead is like banning guns because people shoot can ban every single gun out there, guess what, people are still going to kill each other. Or like Bloomberg banning Big Gulps...

    It was the single track that they closed was some of the best in the Arizona. There was plenty for everyone to enjoy. I have been riding, hiking, and cycling those trails for 20 years...some of the most pristine trails were the moto ones... the most popular non-moto were/are blown out by hikers and cyclist. The reason most of the moto trails are in good condition, are because they are keeps the average person away.

    I know the Flag trails very is amazing how well those trails have held over the years. If it does get blown out...we fix it. To say the moto guys are the bad apples, is clearly ignorance. The moto guys have built most of the trails in Flag over the past 50+ years...yet people have come in and claimed them as their own. To kick out only the moto crowd is complete BS.

    We put a hell of a lot of work, time, and money into the CNF...just to get stabbed in the back.

    So now instead of being able to ride single track in the Peaks area, dirt bikes are now forced to ride the Forest Roads...most people including myself have street legal dirt bikes...we went from being mostly away from people, not really bothering anyone, to pushed into a very public corridors. Bet that is going to go over well with the public. Like I said earlier...just because you take something away , doesn't mean people will stop.

    Prescott doesn't get high enough in elevation...not cool enough during the summer. I know the Camp Wood area...where we hold one of the AMRA races there. The problem with Sheridan Mountain....very few trails up in elevation...they spill off the side real quick. Where in Flag there are (were, now) trails that went the perimeter of the Peaks...stay in the cool air all day long. It was great trail...very upset, now that it is gone. I rarely saw anyone on that was not "trashed" as some might think. Absolutely no reason to close it, other than people not liking dirt bikes. But they sure as Hell will drive their Suby's up Schultz Creek the Weatherford Trail Head....motorized travel sure isn't a problem then...funny how that works
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    Default Similar Travel Restriction planned on the Kaibab NF

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