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    I'm writing a book about this years Dakar titled "Tales From The Bivouac - Dakar 2012"

    It will be in an 8x11 format, glossy color magazine style. It is written from the view of the support team and follows our team and folks we met along the way. It was a great experience and I look forward to sharing it with others who have gotten caught up in the mystic of the Dakar Rally.

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    That looks amazing man. Im glad you had a safe and fun time.
    I could only imagine the rush of being a part of such a great race. Good on ya for getting that oppertunity.

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    Great Pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadly99 View Post
    I was on the support crew for Team Rally Pan Am. Here's a few photos from my trip. Had a great time, was bummed two of our riders did not finish (Jonah Street and Bill Conger) but was stoked that Ned Seuse got a finishers medal. The scenery, cultures, etc were amazing. Over 17, 000 feet while crossing the Andes stands out as being on the more memorable moments. We were in a f350 pimped out as a support vehicle.

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    Bump for the dusky silhouette photo of Ned's noggin .
    Alright, this is just fancy car camping, people. Move along, move along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NothingClever View Post
    Bump for the dusky silhouette photo of Ned's noggin .

    Ned along with a few others have written for the book in the form of a recap of their days stage. Book is written and is half way through the editing stage. Pre sales in about a week, you get a DVD to watch on your tv. It's a 45 minute long slide show of the pictures that didn't make the book and some few video clips, etc. Once the 30 day pre sale is finished the DVD will no longer be available. I'm not a professional video editor so the DVD has a nice "home made" feel to it, lol. Its got some cool stuff in it though and is worth watching I hope

    Book is looking to be about 240 pages in length and includes approximately 190 color photos.

    Pre sales start mid March

    Sample pages from the book




    The book is coming along nicely and I sincerely believe it provides a good insight into the race. I had an amazing time in South America and look forward to sharing the experience.
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    BTW, if anyone's wondering: Gordon Dakar Protest Results
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