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Thread: Aussie "Pod" trailer

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    Default Aussie "Pod" trailer

    OK, so it's not in the same league as some of the serious Offroad units seen elsewhere here but I thought I'd share a couple of photos of a trailer I borrowed (from the manufacturer) for an OffroadSubarus forum camping weekend...

    All plastic (ABS) tub and lid mounted on a gal chassis, held heaps of gear, had racks on top for mountain bikes or canoes etc... Towed really well behind my Outback and didn't balk at being towed up some fire trails or across some High Plains Gibber type rocky roads.


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    That's a good design IMO. Small, lightweight, and perfect for your vehicle. Probably easy to build to boot.
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    Thule markets something similar here in the US:

    info here:

    seem like a good option for those of us with smaller, lighter vehicles who aren't looking to do serious off-roading...
    What a day a difference makes...

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