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Thread: Hi-lift Storage

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    anyone try one of these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris85xlt View Post
    I've got one I use for mine; does a good job mitigating noise from rattles, protecting from the elements, etc. Good piece of gear.
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    I take mine to bits, attach the long runner to my roll cage outside and the rest inside in my tool chest out of the elements.


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    Default 95 Trooper Hi-Lift mount

    I came up with a simple way to carry my 48" Hi-Lift inside my 95 Trooper. I have the Hi-lift laying on the passenger-side wheel well, on edge.

    It just has room to sneak past the rear seat.

    I turned the end fitting downward so it impinges less on back seat entry/egress.

    I also took the cotter pin out of the foot, and drilled it out slightly larger to accommodate a 1/4" hitch pin/D-ring thingee (whatever they are called), for quick release on/off of the foot. Taking the foot off allows the jack to sit closer to the wall, as can be seen in the first pic.

    The jack is retained by a couple of half inch bolts in the plastic trim with big wingnuts to cinch the jack to them.

    Since the weight of the jack is borne by the wheel well I don't think there will be too much stress on the trim. [shrug] We'll see how it holds up, but I think it will be good there.
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    Spare tire mount I mentioned on Page 1. I can pull one pin and take the Hi Lift and rectangular bracket off for storage in my garage. The triangular plate stays mounted behind the spare.

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    Not sure if you have a roof rack or not... But I used these for years on my OEM roof rack before going to a rear bumper with a mount for it:

    It is for an LC but maybe could work for you.
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    This is in my 4Runner. I wanted it inside so it could live there and not get ruined sitting out in the rain and dust. I also wanted to keep it low in the car since it weighs as much as it does.

    It's an integral part of my storage/sleep system. It actually holds my cooler in place, keeps the draw shut and with the foot off and stored in the draw it doesn't rattle.


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    Perhaps my experience is an exception to the rule but I've kept my HiLift on my roof racks for the past 10 or so years now doing only occasional maintenance (read "maintain when I need to use them") and have experienced only the most minor problems. Biggest problem is that I do need to oil them whenever I use them. I usually just dribble motor oil on the mechanism when it's needed for use.

    All that said, I do live in the Northern California (SF Bay Area & Central Valley) where salt is not exactly prevalent and rust is not so much a big problem.


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    Who has a solution to store the 60" Hi-Lift? I currently have a 48" but it doesn't have enough travel to get a tire off the ground without strapping the axle to the frame. My 48 is vertical on the tire carrier and is level with the top of the cage and don't really want another foot of height.

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    This will lift from the tire. Not sure it helps you but its an idea vs buying a bigger jack.

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