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Thread: receiver hitch "kitchen"

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    How about an Aluminess Galley/ Generator Box on a bumper swing-out, like I've seen on SMB's?

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    I'm going through the planning stages right now. I think it's a great idea. Cant wait to get home and start fabbing it up.

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    I am planning a "swing away" kitchen box on the back of a HMMV shelter. This will cantilever off a 1.5"-2" stainless or schedule 80 aluminum rod. It will swing to the rear and out of "windstream" of the side of the shelter as we travel. It will be either a 6' wide 24" high steel truck tool box, or two aluminum ones I have here. . The four corners of the shelter will have these standard rods as a mount point for various things. The top and bottom corners have very heavily reinforced cast steel (where the lift rings are). The top of these rods will likely be the basis for the mounting of my roof rack as well. If you vehicle can sustain the mounting of a corner swing point (much like a swing away spare tire carrier), it might be easier than the hitch. The kitchen will swing around the corner and under our slide out legless awning.


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    yeah swing away seams like a better solution

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