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Thread: Bumper height & Insurance Coverage

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    Default Bumper height & Insurance Coverage

    So I took my new van to my parents' house last night. They, of course, thought it was a monster, but at least they liked it. Kinda.

    I was informed that if I get into an accident that the insurance company might place all liability on me and not pay out because of the lift on the van. Can anybody confirm this? I've never heard of it!
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    The best source is to check with YOUR insuarnce company over their approach to modifications.
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    Doesn't look like there are any bumper height restrictions in CA but this is not official. Doesn't mean someone can't sue you when you drive over their car.

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    There are bumper height requirements, each state is different. Check with you home state's DMV.

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    Glad your folks liked it. I’m not sure how the lift will affect your insurance but telling them about the modification might hike your insurance rate. Here’s another car insurance estimate calculator so that you can compare their quote to what you pay now. Of course joining a huge group like the AARP will give you group rates that are more affordable.
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