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Thread: No Concerns on 08s?

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    Default No Concerns on 08s?

    Hi, couple of years later (marriage and move) and I'm back on the hunt. The G is one of the 3 I've narrowed my search to, and other than the switch to 7-speed from 5-speed tranny, there's not much to worry about...right? I think Serpe mentioned the 09's looked like they wouldn't be safe to tow a red rider, but not the 08s? Just got to get past the RIDICULOUS markup that's going on right now for Gs.



    Oh, yes there will be offroading involved. It isn't named "Gelande" for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhos View Post
    .... tow a red rider, but not the 08s? .
    I don't know what a "red rider" is but the 09+ can be retrofitted with the proper towing configuration. For example Renntech has a kit for around $800 which to me looks basically like the bits that are missing from a European factory hitch option. You just have to have it all welded up and an opening cut in the North American fuel tank cover.
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