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Thread: Wolf rims for sale

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    lovin it so far. correct springs for the front are on the way. ordered some parts to seal up a leaky swivel ball. i figured since i was going to have the front torn all the way out, id do the wheel bearings too. still trying to figure out what tire size to use on the steelies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by czenkov View Post
    I might be interested if you do not take 1st poster on his offer. Traveling through Cheyenne at the end of the month. Are these white or black?
    You have a p.m.

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    Default dale?

    i am still interested as well. let me know either way.
    94' RRC LWB, Brooklands Green

    07' KTM 950 Super Enduro

    08 ML350 (Mamamobile)

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    Bob gave me the shipping cost when he returned as well as an invitation to pass as it was about equal to the cost of the wheels negating their discounted price.
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    94' RRC LWB, Brooklands Green

    07' KTM 950 Super Enduro

    08 ML350 (Mamamobile)

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    I'm interested too. I am in Seattle, but I have a buddy in Denver that can come get them.

    Let me know. Full price plus a case of your favorite beer :P

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    Thanks for the interest. The rims have been sold.

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    Thanks Bob. To anyone buying from Bob, he is a class act. I finally go them to fit in the GF's Fiat 500 that we drove to Missouri via Cheyenne. Bob had to leave before I got them loaded but was nice enough to give me a call 30 minutes after the transaction to make sure I got back on the road ok. It took two tries to get them loaded and the hatch closed. Thanks again Bob.

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    My pleasure, thanks, it was great to meet you. Please send me some photos when you get them mounted on your truck.

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    We just had some good deals out East here yesterday, too! 5 white wolfs w/ basically brand new BFG ATs w/ 245s for $500. Wish the 245s were bigger or I'd have 'em coming my way. Bought 6 NAS 110 rims for cheap from the seller instead, since they need blasting and painting. Now just on the lookout for some BFG 285/75 R16 ATs to mount on them. Some good prices come along from time to time - I just usually/always miss out on them. haha!

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