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Thread: I need a favor from M416 owners

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    Default I need a favor from M416 owners

    I am trying to install a trailer harness that I ordered from Midwest Military but the tail light ends of the harness seem to be too long. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to have a loop before snapping into the clips? I have tried every position but it just doesn't look/feel right. Can you guys with the stock harness installed, snap some pics of where the harness connects to the tail light wiring on both sides? It would be much appreciated.
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    they usually are always longer than needed, due to wear and tear. it is easier to replce the boot while in the field compared to the whole harness, loop it and tie it.

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    My cable is also "looped" in the center of the frame, tied up in a neat little blob....it came that way and I've never changed it. Sorry, don't have a pic w/ me....

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