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Thread: Modified FJ Cruiser

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    Default Modified FJ Cruiser

    For your consideration:
    Specifications and Photo web site

    2008 FJ Cruiser

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    You need to put the price in the ad here....
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    Quote Originally Posted by scootr29 View Post
    You need to put the price in the ad here....
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    Thats a well-put-together website! GLWS!

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    That makes me miss my FJ that was built very similarly....that I sold for 1/3 of your asking price. Good luck with the sale, it's worth every penny in my book.

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    $59k That's all I am going to say

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    That's some truck!! The FLIR camera is over the top!

    Very impressive!

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    Very nice FJ. Website says 59k. Don't know that I'd pay that for a truck that clearly has front end problems based on the condition of the tires... But best of luck with the sale.
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    Lowered price to $55K

    Ordered new MT/R Kevlar 35" and will be professionally aligned.
    I have a punch list of other stuff I'm taking care of regardless.

    The Toyota items are covers until 12/2014 or 62,000 miles.
    Engine, trans, supercharger

    I appreciate all your comments, good and bad.
    That's why it's called a forum.
    Specifications and Photo web site

    2008 FJ Cruiser

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    A little update.

    Price has been adjusted to $49,500

    With a tremendous amount of help From Garrett (GSFJ) there are 2 new Goodyears mounted on the front. We now know how to mount a tire on a beadlock rim.

    I also purchased new Icon upper arm joints. A specialty alignment shop did a great job. It tracks better than it ever has and there aren't any more squeaks. "Clark's House of Suspension" Lake Forrest, CA

    The tent is completely fixed. Really better than new. It only required new hinges and a cover. Paul May at Equipt1 was great getting me the necessary parts.

    In the process, I upgraded all the hardware to SS and installed oiled bushings in the ladder hinge. The extrusions are attached with rivnuts and SS fasteners rather than AL rivets. That's good and bad.

    Good because it's very stout. Bad because the old AL rivets sheared cleanly, preventing damage to the extrusions, tent floor and who knows what else. If the tent comes in contact with a structure again the new fasteners will not give and it will be very sad.

    All the other little stuff (HID Headlight, Rock CAM, Cobra CB) will be fixed this week or so..
    Specifications and Photo web site

    2008 FJ Cruiser

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