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Thread: Any ideas for JK 2 door water storage in larger quantities?

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    Default Any ideas for JK 2 door water storage in larger quantities?

    I'm looking for a way to carry around 20 gallons of water in my JK 2 door. I don't think inside the back area makes sense since the back will house a fridege/freezer along with several stacked drawers and gear. I've considered mounting a water tank up top on a roof rack but don't want to be top heavy. I've seen some aux gas tanks but have read its not a good idea to store drinking water in these. Does anyone know of a purpose built water tank to replace the factory cargo cubby? I realize a skid plate and muffler relocation might be required but seems doable if it would hold enough water. Plus I like the rear location for access to the water supply and low center of gravity. The RV industry has a bunch of water tanks made to mounted under an RV but I've not seen one adapted or modified for Jeeps. Anyone have a drawing started for this type of idea? I could always have custom RV water tank fabricator build me one but I hate being the guy that goes first. I prefer to wait and watch others screw up then I know what works haha. I remember one time I was camping with some other guys down at Kentucky Lake in the Land Between the Lake Turkey Bay area. Some guys had gathered together after four wheeling to use the lake to wash some of the mud off their rigs and a discussion broke out about how far out one could drive in the lake? 'Since the bottom was pretty firm in this area of the lake we knew you could safely drive a fair distance without too much risk of swimming. Well as we were pondering that point one brave soul had taken it upon himself to find out and he was already about to the farthest point anyone had seen a rig dare to go out in the lake. Cheers and calls were now being heard from the safety of shore saying "go further....yeah man! Look at him go!" As you might have guessed the next thing i witnessed was his truck simply disappear...all of it...and the driver treading water looking down into the water with disbelief. Since then I would prefer to let someone else boldly go where no man has gone before...I go after I have seen some proof it can be done with busting the bank or my rump. Anyone been there and done that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by figures View Post
    Anyone been there and done that?
    Yes, I've been the guy with his Jeep floating in the lake, but that was to prove the snorkel really worked

    Do you want that 20 gallons for drinking, or would you like it warm for showers? Cool for drinking would be pretty simple, warm for showers would take a little extra fabbing.
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    I'm going to use the water storage for both drinking and at times a quick hot shower. I'll use a heat exchanger and pump for the hot water along with a thermostic valve to allow me to adjust the temp from hot to cold and not have to worry about scalding myself. I just can't figure out where to mount a tank with that much water.

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    Check out Front runner. I think they have in vehicle storage that will stand behind the two front seats and they have roof rack mountable that are black and heat up the water via the sun.


    Hope that helps. If you call out there tell Tina that Dendy sent ya!
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