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Thread: Nissan NZ2500 as base for expedition vehicle?

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    Default Nissan NZ2500 as base for expedition vehicle?

    I was at a pub awhile ago and talking with a Japanese couple who have been in East Africa for a few years. I mentioned the possibility of the Nissan NZ2500 as an expedition vehicle (they were in an LC200). Apparently this vehicle is sold under some different name in Japan, but after I drew a napkin sketch he knew what I was talking about. I know the Ford full-size vans are gaining popularity due to their big engines and off-road modifications available. I wonder if the NZ2500 could be an interesting Japanese counterpart to this?

    I know very little about the NZ2500 and mostly see them used by JICA and other Japanese aid agencies. Is it on the Titan platform? Presumably it isn't on the Patrol platform. Figured I'd post here since you guys are the expo Nissan experts.



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    ITs built on the Titan platform.. v8 power.. Many options.. Even though Im a Nissan nut.. I think its kind of ugly..
    But that doesnt mean its not functional. And we all know that is the key...

    Only thing I can see holing it back is the poor MPG Nissan seems to get in the V8.. 13 to 18.. Once you start loading that big boy down Im bussing 10 per would be the range..
    With the Titan being redesigned along with the Frontier and Xterra Id think the frame would be upgraded in the next 2 years along with a diesel option.. Nissan has been working with Cummings on a 4 cyl
    that has 200 hp and like 400 ft lbs of torque.. They are claiming 24 mpg too...
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    I can't find any information on the Nissan NZ2500.

    Are you referring to the Nissan commercial van line recently introduced to USA? It's called the NV1500, NV2500 and (dual rear wheel) NV3500. With the extended hood, they look more like 1950s panel trucks than vans, but that translates into more room for the driver and passenger than a Ford E-Series van, for example. The range is available in high top or low top.

    The NV line will be the basis for a new camper from Sportsmobile. http://sportsmobile.com/7_nsn_vaninfo.html

    The knock on the NV line for expedition use is that no 4x4 version is offered. Since the NV has a lot in common with the Nissan Titan pickup, it's likely that the Titan 4x4 package could be used to convert the NV. You'd be breaking new ground if you created this conversion!

    Worldwide, Nissan sells a number of vans. Here are photos.

    The Nissan Caravan is probably the model your pub companions saw in East Africa

    The Nissan NV200 is a small delivery and passenger van sold in Europe

    The Primastar is Nissan's larger van for Europe

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    Yes, the Caravan seems to compete here with the Hiace (Toyota) and Hiace SC (a higher-end version that uses the Landcruiser TX 3.0TD motor and a five-speed).

    Hmm... the ones imported through South Africa (used by aid agencies) are badged NZ and not NV here, not sure why? Same as the NV you show above.

    I just thought I'd mention the possibility given the growing popularity of expo-oriented van conversations. Working on a Taco project and have an FJ... no room in my life for a third project vehicle, but maybe someone else shopping for a van will see this thread and consider it as an option.

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    Quigley is due to have their 4wd conversion NV out soon.


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