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Thread: Talk me off the ledge....or over it :)

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    Question Talk me off the ledge....or over it :)

    I know there are a lot of variables in this discussion, so I know opinions mary vary....but looking at this deal at the surface, I'm looking for opinions.

    My wife and I currently have a car, a lightly modified '02 Land Rover Discovery, and a lightly modified '74 FJ40. The car and the Rover are driven daily to work, but due to our highway commutes, the FJ40 has been relegated to holding down the garage floor down so it doesn't get blown away while we are at work. It (the FJ40) has been a project of mine for the last 5 years, but I have begun to run out of momentum and patience, when it comes to working on it, and getting it to a point where it can be driven more regularly.

    ANYWAYS, I was skimming Craigslist the other day and found a gentleman that was looking to trade his '81 FJ60 for an FJ40. My wife instantly said "Oooh, I LIKE that!..." so the wheels started turning, and I began thinking this might be a good idea. Our FJ40 has 87K miles has a lift, tires, PTO winch, and I've taken care of a good portion of the mechanical buggers. The FJ60 has 119K, appears to be in great shape, and has a few mods including an ARB bumper. The FJ40 has a fair amount of rear sil rust, is painted with primer, has some damage to the hard top from an accident that must have occurred many years ago.

    I've thought about selling the FJ40 on a few occasions, just due to the lack of use it gets, so this isn't the first time, I've considered getting rid of it. Trouble is, each time I list it for sale, I get cold feet when I get emails/calls with interest.

    At this point, I'm just looking for opinions on the value, or potential value of this trade if I were to go for it. I'm thinking an FJ60 would get a bit more action since it would be a little easier to take on the freeways and such.

    Sorry for the long winded post, and thanks in advance for any opinions and input.


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    With that era of vehicle and age, the value is mostly nostalgic to you and to the buyer. Check your local Craigslist and Ebay for others sales of similar vehicles, then decide if you are for that. For a trade, if you feel the vehilces are of equal value to you, and you want the 60, go for it. As a guy with kids, I would do that any day, 4-doors is valuable to me.
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    All else being equal, a 40 will bring more on the open market than a 60, in my experience. Since yours has some rust and the hard top is damaged, maybe it would be more like a straight trade for you, but unless the 60 is pristine and nearly perfect I would probably ask for some cash plus the 60 if it were me.

    I suppose you know that the 60 has the same 2F engine and H42 four-speed that your 40 has, so it will not be that much better on the freeway except that it has 3.70 differentials and is enclosed. It's heavier too of course.
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    I have missed my 40 since the day I sold it, and as much as I like the Wagons for camping, there's something nostalgic about throwing the old metal coleman and a cot/tent/hammock in the back of the 40 and heading into the mountains. It's even sexier with no doors or top.

    I vote you keep the 40, Rob. Some of the best trips I've ever been on were in my 40, sleeping in a hammock strung between the rollbar and a tree.

    As of right now, fireflyr has my dream FJ40.

    Looking at some of his pictures might help
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    I love 60s. I think they are one of the best all around rigs for offroad adventures. I have owned two which were both diesels with 5 speeds. Thats about as good as it gets for 60s. But if I were in your shoes I would keep the 40. Clean FJ60s are fairly easy to find for a good price. 40s are not.
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    Keep the 40!!! I have wanted a 40 since I was 15. I found an 80 that I could afford so I bought that, however I would much rather have a 40!
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    Keep the 40 and buy a 60 if you want one. Like has been said the 40 is worth more.

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    Keep the 40!!
    Is old my first one and it was a horrible mistake.
    I've subsequently bought another one but it just isn't the same as my original 40.
    All of the time that you've spent crawling around working on your's will have to be repeated if you replace it.
    Buy the 60 and dump the Discovery!!
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    Keep in mind the early 60-series has at least a few items that are different from later 60-series. Some interior bits and the steering box being the first that comes to mind. This may make it harder to find parts for than say a mid-80s 60-series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redthies View Post
    I love 60s. I think they are one of the best all around rigs for offroad adventures. I have owned two which were both diesels with 5 speeds. Thats about as good as it gets for 60s. But if I were in your shoes I would keep the 40. Clean FJ60s are fairly easy to find for a good price. 40s are not.

    This is excellent advice!

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