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Thread: Stolen Tacoma 4x4 *********************

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    Default Stolen Tacoma 4x4 *********************

    Hello guys,

    My truck got stolen last weekend in San Diego.
    2000 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 TRD
    5 speed manual
    White - the bumpers, fender flares, door handles, grill are all white as well.
    Snug top Camper shell - recently painted white with new lift sruts
    carpet kit in the back
    BRAND NEW 32 bfg all terrains - on stock tacoma wheels painted black
    cheap 2 inch lift in front
    mileage was between 105,000-110,000
    dash mat and the floor mats were pretty much brand new
    this taco was so clean and unmistakeable

    The picture is not quite up to date but all the chrome is painted white

    The camper shell rear rubber that goes over the bed under the lock should be ripped, they used a car antenna with a hook to manipulate the camper lock and get it!!

    Please spread the word. I am going through insurance right now, but to be honest I really want these deadbeats caught.

    If you seen any of these parts or something close to this truck please let me know
    thank you
    james 760-815-eightseventhree1
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    Default you forgot plate #

    What is the plate #

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    Now don't you wish you lived in a state that would chop his (00)'s off?

    Good luck on finding your truck man the kinda scumbags that do this really need some severe punishment

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    I had my 03 Tacoma Doublecab stolen from my driveway last February, after I did a few mods to it. I never got it back, but a good note is these trucks hold their value quite well and I got a pretty good payout from the insurance company. On the insurance claim form I listed everything I did to the truck including the cost of each, and I believe this really brought my claim value up. Sorry about your truck, and if you do get it back I hope it is in good condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HillbillyfromAL View Post
    Now don't you wish you lived in a state that would chop his (00)'s off?

    Good luck on finding your truck man the kinda scumbags that do this really need some severe punishment
    Chopping off parts is a good start, but we used to hang horse thieves and I have absolutely no problems with hanging car thieves.
    05 Tacoma TRD, SR5, V6, etc

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    +2 on hanging car thieves...Hope you find the truck.

    Harsh reality is that she is already in Mexico though...
    You would not believe the number of Toyota trucks I see on I10 heading in tow to Mexico...
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    I live in Bronwsville, TX and just about everyday I see 10+ Toyota trucks headed south being towed... We need to stop the plunder of out trucks!

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    Your rearview mirror.
    Dont they need the title to take into Mexico?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C View Post
    Dont they need the title to take into Mexico?
    Yes as well as permits stating that the vehicle is being exported to another country. I have taken three to Guatemala from the Phoenix area.

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