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Thread: motomaniac's 97GC build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recce01 View Post
    What skid plate are you running on the gas tank? Did I miss that? Looking good man, enjoy that thing!! Have I mentioned how much I like your bumpers? I love the radius effect on the rear bumper. They fit the lines of the Jeep really well!
    It's the stock skid plate painted hammered silver. Thank for the comments on the bumpers. Did you get to take your jeep to the rubicon? It's about a 3 hour drive for me and I've never been there. but Im planning a trip for next year once the snow is gone.

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    Haven't done an update in a long time. Can't get Internet at are new place. So I'm posting this from my phone. I will try and get some pics up soon. I got a warn vr8000, I put a set of 55 watt 5000k hid bulbs and ballast in my hella 700ff's put some jks acos in the rear and put longer shocks and brake lines up front. I'm happy to say I am pleased with the results.

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    Nice ZJ.
    love the journey with the boxer crew!

    My vehicles, nothing is stock!
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    Got some pics to post.
    This is how the jeep currently sits as of 3-2-13.
    And this is what the correct length shocks and longer brake lines got me!

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    Oh man! I love the stance and the wheel and tire package. I just may bite your style!! LOL!! Awesome ZJ man
    Gravel Crew for life!
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    Nice flex buddy. I to run a L/A setup at 5" on 33". It has alot of drop!
    love the journey with the boxer crew!

    My vehicles, nothing is stock!
    93 ZJ 5.2 Expo rig
    06 Chevy cc sb 4x4 Dmax daily driver
    95 firebird racecar/roadracer
    94 firebird track car
    08 Malibu wakesetter VTX(for sale)
    49 Bamtam extended tongue

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    A recent trip of ours has brought a few things to my attention. First was the fact that I had no way to air my tires back up after being on the trail all day. It’s 7 miles to the closest gas station from our local ohv park, which in all honesty is to far to drive with only 10psi in the tires, but I have on occasion made the trek to the station for air. I usually try and travel with at least one person that has an onboard air setup of some type, but I find myself going solo more and more lately.
    Back to the last trip we took, me and my wife in our jeep my good friend and his wife in there well set up full size blazer. We spent all day and about 30 miles in 4low on the trail. When we got back to the staging area I was ready to air up get home and shower. My buddy’s blazer has a York based onboard air system. So the task of airing up the two rigs should have been easy. Nope… flipped the switch and nothing (turned out to be a faulty relay) oh well no big deal we can run down the road the gas station and fill up there. Well we get there and their air and water are out of order, so three gas station and about 15 miles later we get to spend almost another hour airing up both rigs. After that I decided next time I go out I will have a way to air my tires back up. I have had a York compressor sitting on my shop bench for the last year collecting dust so that evening when I got home I went online and ordered up a few thing I knew I would need like a 2.5 gallon tank a couple air gauges, pressure switch, pop off valve, check valve and some other misc. fittings.
    First thing to do was move the battery, so time for an upgrade. An optima yellow top was acquired and I relocated the battery to the space were the coolant over flow bottle was, which required me to build a new battery tray.

    Battery tray hanging after paint

    Battery all cozy in its new location

    Then I built the mount for the compressor

    After that I had to find a way to run the comp. kilby enterprises sells a nice billet combo serp and v alternator pulley, but at 60 bucks I figured I could build my own for free, so here’s my alternator combo pulley installed with the compressor mounted and the belt on. Works like a charm.

    Now that the compressor was mounted it was time to plumb the system originally I was going to run a line strait off the comp to the air tank then have the pressure switch and all that right on the tank but decided it would be better to have a junction under the hood for that duty, there are some nice manifolds out there but they all seemed to be in the 40$ + range so again I built my own ( I mean what’s the point of investing all this money in tools and fab equipment if I’m not going to use them right.)


    Tapping the holes

    A couple more holes for mounting and BAM!

    Then I made up a nice stainless steel braided leader hose ~3 ft. to run from the compressor to the manifold. I have heard these things can put out some extremely hot air as they pump and given under hood temps are already high. I figured I already had the hose and the A.N fittings from a previous project so good piece of mind that it won’t fail and blow a hose at an inopportune time.

    From the comp the leader hose runs behind the battery and into the cowling under the front widow then back out and through a one way check valve here.

    To keep the air to the compressor clean I simply plumed it to the factory air box. There is a unused port on the grand Cherokee air box lid from the factory that was perfect for this. I just had to run a 3/8 drill bit through it and some 1/2” ID vacuum hose and I was in business.

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    Then I put the necessary fittings in the manifold which from left to right are a universal quick change coupler, 175psi safety pop of valve, ¼ line push lock, plug, 3/8 line push lock, and a 110psi on 150psi off pressure switch. This is all controlled from a switch in the cab. (Top switch is front aux lights, bottom right is rear aux lights and bottom left is compressor).

    Just a tip for anyone who is going to plum any onboard air system push locks and air brake line are the bee’s knees for pluming. Much better than standard 3/8 air hose and barbed fittings. they are easy to install and simple to fix (think quick and easy trail repairs) they also have a D.O.T approval for this type of application and are rated for high temps and high line pressure. I think my line and push locks were rated at 900psi burst pressure, 250psi working pressure and -65 to 200 degree temps. All bought from my local Napa auto parts and in stock too.
    The ¼” push lock and air brake line was use for a in cab pressure gauge. I ordered a 0-160psi back light Viair gauge and then repurposed the vehicle information center (that had not work since I owned the jeep) and fabed up a nice mount for the gauge and a cubby hole then I toped it off with some black auto upholstery carpet.

    The 3/8” push lock and airbrake line was used to plumb to the tank. No pic of the airline routing but it was simple just down the unibody rail zip tied to the fuel lines and through the floor into the cab in the cargo area.
    I didn’t want the tank on the floor in the cargo area taking up space and there was no room under the jeep for the tank. So I built a little platform that utilized the mounts for the original spare tire this worked out well and allowed the tank to take up minimal room inside the jeep.

    This was probably the number one mod I have done to the jeep Thus far. if you have ever struggled with those crappy little electric compressors or tried to fill up four large tires at a gas station you will really be able to appreciate how well these little York ac compressors preform.
    Fill time for my 2.5 gallon tank 0-150psi is under 1minute
    Fill time for my 33x10.50s 10-30psi is ~35 seconds a tire.
    I did a tire rotation and could zip all 5 tires off with my ½” impact. One tire would get it down to 110psi kick the compressor on and have the tank filled to 150psi before I could walk to the next tire. I never had to wait for it to build air I was amazed.

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    Awesome, and two questions. Where is your overflow now, and do you have pics of your custom double pulley?
    Car Camping Extraordinaire!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2ZJ View Post
    Awesome, and two questions. Where is your overflow now, and do you have pics of your custom double pulley?
    well right now I have no overflow I just routed the hose down out of the engine bay it has been that way for two month now and it has lost less than a quart of antifreeze but it's getting close to summer so I need to make a trip to the local pick and pull and find a smaller overflow tank that I can make work. and for some reason i didnt take any pictures of the pully when i built it but if for some reason i ever have the altanator out again i will snap some pics.

    here are some pics of the above mentioned trip.







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