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Thread: F250/Dana 60 Lockers/LSD?

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    Default F250/Dana 60 Lockers/LSD?

    Acquired a 2006 F250 CrewCab FX4 to build into an expo rig. I have been rebuilding/replacing this and that and just finished rebuilding the front end. While I was under there I pulled the front diff cover and took a look. The wear pattern looked good so I just cleaned it up and put in some Mobil 1.

    My question though is about adding a selectable locker to the front. The rear is the 10.5 Sterling LSD.

    Any experiences with E-Lockers/Air-lockers to share? Gearing advice? Since this is going to be an expo build, not a rock crawler, perhaps just a LSD in the front?

    The suspension plan is pretty basic, 2.5" ICON lift w/35" MT's, bumpers for better approach/departure angles, some more skid plates, sliders. That gives me about 11" of ground clearance, protection, and traction.

    But that open front diff is bothering me. I traded in my Grand Cherokee Limited with the Quadra-Trac II with e-lockers front and back and center locker, which worked well for me. With the weight, break over issues of the SD, I'm concerned about getting stuck. hung up.

    Thanks for any insight.

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    I know a few guys running Eaton E-lockers, and they have been really happy with them.

    Early on they had some problems with the D60 ones, but that's been remedied.

    A limited slip is about $300 less.

    I would stay away from the Auburn Echted electric locker. I have one in my TJ, and know 2 guys in my club that have had them.

    They just don't work, at least not in front axle applications. From my research, some folks have had OK luck with them in the rear axle, but not the front.

    My personal preference is for a selectable up front. On when you need it, off when you don't. Perfect for a rig that see's the highway in all weather conditions, as well as off road.

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    Not to hi-jack the thread, but I have a similar inquiry about my 98 Ram with a D60 up front.

    To me an Ox Locker makes the most sense, and not even with the cable actuator but with the "drive away" emergency bolt that can lock it up. I can't picture engaging a front locker that often, and if I do, tightening a bolt in the pumpkin isn't much more work than pulling the cable actuator. About $900 for the locker, bolt and their nice heavy duty diff cover.

    I plan on re-stacking the plates in the D80 out back and using the front locker when things get hairy...thoughts?

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    the HAY-stack
    Oh, ARB makes some fine lockers..
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    Thanks for the input, I plan on having on board air anyway so I was debating the electric vs air. Any experiences with either?

    I'm trying to be frugal, but "expo build" and "frugal" don't seem to work in the same sentience. I may just add selectable front and rear.

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    I have a CC F350 LB and have also been working to improve the traction.

    There have been some good suggestions and advice here, I will just add what I did and why.

    These trucks are huge and I just did not see myself running Kane Creek or having it sunk up to its frame bogging. I do see myself on the sand and in the silt beds of Baja, driving secondary roads that are muddy and slick. I wanted something simple that would not require maintenance or 'extra' systems to be installed like electric, air, or cables. My truck currently has the factory LSD rear and it still works, but I am doing an axle swap on my truck soon and the donor axles are the wrong ratio so it just made sense to do the diffs now.

    Most LSD's are clutch pack and they work well until they wear out, they also require friction modifiers be added to the gear oil in order to work. Neither of these are huge issues or drawbacks but Torsen type LSD's do not need either and I have had great experiences with them on several older Audi's. So I had Truetrac's installed in the front and rear of the new axles going in.

    LSD's are not lockers and they do not work as well in extremely low traction situations. The Truetrac's also can have difficulty if both wheels are spinning, stabbing the brake will get them to 'sense' where the torque needs to go.

    The D60 and Sterling 10.25/10.50 are tedious to set up, I am fairly mechanically inclined but these are not DIY for most people, so keep that in mind.

    Let us know what you do, I will also post up with my truck once its done.

    Cheers, Chris

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    Thanks for the advice. I have indeed thought of just running LSD front and rear. In my AO I'm likely to be dealing with muddy fields/snowy fire roads. My first thought was lockers, but I'm trying to be practical about the build.

    I'll do some googling of the TrueTracs. They certainly would be cheaper!

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