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Thread: Favorite Winter duds

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    Default Favorite Winter duds

    So what's your favorite duds for autumn and winter months. North Face fleece here is a staple for me. Cabelas and LL Bean popular as well.

    Anyone used the Cabelas Berber Fleece line?
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    Usually a cotton t-shirt and maybe a long sleeve LL Bean "chamois" shirt...if it's really cold (45˚)

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    In (burning) SoCal right now it isn't really cold in the winter here..... however I do get into the mountains a fair amount so I know what "cold" means.

    In cold weather I need a few days to acclimate. I like long sleeve zip neck tops that I can adjust to vent for physical activity. My favorite next layer is a Mountain Hardwear vest using Gore Windstopper. It protects me from chilly breezes but I won't overheat. I usually wear lightweight long pants, hiking/cargo style with pockets and made of synthetic. For colder weather I have pants made of Scholler extreme fabric; very breathable, water repellent and tough. Sometimes I'll use a fleece hat and thin polypro gloves.

    I also have a Arcteryx jacket (Gamma MX hoody) that uses Polartec Powershield fleece. A killer jacket, good for anything but rain, very breathable and wind resistant. I like having a hood to pull up instead of a hat as i don't like to get the back of my neck chilled. That jacket took a beating on Denali and it just won't wear out.
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    Ed beat me to it, but some shorts and a t-shirt work really well for winter here.

    Further North, it's either Filson, Carhartt, or Spyder all the way.
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    Call me a sucker for the mountain lifestyle, but I have recently taken a liking to the Cloudveil lineup
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    My three season coat is a Cabela's Goretex Northern Lite - and for the moderately cold weather we see occasionally, upper teens/low twenties, I use a 300 series fleece under it. It's warm without bulk, and water/wind proof to boot.

    But, for the really cold weather I break out my favorites - Minnietonka shearling slippers and a pile of wood for the stove
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    I have some nice gear from mountain hardware, but lately I've been wearing a cheap walmart fleece over carhart unlined bibs. I spend a lot of time under the jeep, so there's no sense ruining anything good. edit: also polypro undies and t-shirt b/c sweat dries quicker
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    Carhart canvas jacket/overalls, LL Bean wool shirt, fleece lined jeans, thick wool socks, and Carhart boots. If it gets too cold for that combo, I also have an LL Bean wool w/fleece lined sweater. Also, the usual assortment of wool hats/scarves/gloves, etc. And if it gets too cold for all that.......someplace with a hot drink, my girl friend/other friends, a fireplace, and good food.
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    Here in FL I Love my chaco sandals, Jeans, Arc-Teryx sweater, and a t-shirt.


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    It varies depending on the activity and weather conditions.

    Quote Originally Posted by LC/LR4Life
    So what's your favorite duds for autumn and winter months. North Face fleece here is a staple for me. Cabelas and LL Bean popular as well.

    Anyone used the Cabelas Berber Fleece line?

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