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Thread: Sprinter with Alaskan Camper

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    Default Sprinter with Alaskan Camper

    A customer arranged for Alaskan Camper to make a 13 foot pop-up camper without a cabover section. The size was chosen so the camper fits comfortably on a Sprinter cab/chassis.

    Thanks to ExPo member Carlyle for sharing these photos, which he received from Bryan at Alaskan Camper

    Camper top retracted, a nice low profile

    Interior looking forward with top raised

    Interior looking to the rear

    Under bed storage

    Outside access to storage

    Looks like there is no toilet or shower in this camper. Alaskan Camper will let you design the interior of the camper the way you want it. The only thing they are unwilling to do is move the entry door from the back of the camper to the side.

    I'd estimate the price of the vehicle as shown to be about $70,000 ($35K for the Sprinter, $30K for the camper, $5K for the flatbed and the storage boxes). The flatbed appears to be provided by Scott-Lite.

    At this point, the Sprinter is available only with rear-wheel drive. So you'd need to carry some self-recovery gear (traction mat, hand-operated winch and pull-pal anchor, high lift jack, shovel, and so on) if you plan to drive on unimproved roads.

    A 13 ft Alaskan Camper will fit on a short wheelbase Fuso FG 4x4. If you prefer a Ford or Dodge cab/chassis, then I'd go with the Alaskan Camper with cab-over sleeper to keep the truck chassis shorter. You'd lose that useful storage compartment, however.

    Chip Haven

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    Default 2008 Sprinter

    The Sprinter is re-designed in 2008. The chassis-cab model is available in three wheelbase lengths, with single or dual rear wheels (GVWR up to 11,000 lbs), and in standard cab or crew cab variants. But no 4x4.

    For 2008, the Sprinter is powered by a diesel V6, essentially the same engine as found in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes GL 320 CDI.

    Chip Haven

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    Quote Originally Posted by haven
    But no 4x4.
    In my last conversation with Alan Feld of Sportsmobile, he told me that they have been licensed to install a 4x4 conversion in the Sprinter our of Germany.
    Might be an interesting option for this application.
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    Default 4x4

    Iglhaut Allrad is the best known of the German companies making 4x4 conversions for the first generation Sprinter. I see on their web site that they have developed a system for the new Sprinter (and VW Crafter) as well.

    4x4 conversion for the Sprinter is not cheap. A new transmission, transfer case, front axle assembly, suspension, wheels and tires are needed. Add in the falling value of the US Dollar vs the Euro, and conversion becomes a very expensive proposition. The Sportsmobile conversion of a Ford van to 4x4 is a lot cheaper, and it's available today.

    Chip Haven

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    Default another Sprinter idea..

    from the german site: $66K plus


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