American Overlander: Items for Your Holiday Wish List

The holidays are fast approaching and those to escape the naughty list might be lucky to find one, or all of these toys under the tree. Made in America and representing the best of the best, these products made lasting impressions on the Expedition Portal team.


Orvis WWII Officer’s Shirt

Inspired by the uniforms worn by the Greatest Generation during WWII, this shirt harkens to an era when things were made well, and made to last. Tailored in historic Fall River, Massachusetts to uncompromising standards, the Officer’s shirt is constructed of the finest cotton twill using pure pima cotton two-ply yarns. The brushed, peachskin finish offers a soft hand and well designed pockets and functional epaulets give it maximum utility. The detail in the tailoring elevates this shirt to a work of art. Every stitch is executed to perfection. $169 

Mummert Knives Phoenix Wood Burning Stove

If Prometheus made a camp stove, it would probably look like this. Constructed of high grade titanium and weighing just 21 ounces, the Phoenix can bring water to a boil in as little as five minutes using nothing but good old wood for fuel. The 5-sided Phoenix uses 7 precision cut panels to create a fold-flat stove which can shoulder up to ten pounds. Stored in a hand sewn 1000 denier Cordura nylon pouch for easy transport, the Phoenix slips into a backpack or motorcycle pannier taking up no space at all. Made in the USA to Mummert’s exacting standards, this is a functional work of art. $250


Adventure Tool Company - Shop Roll

The Shop Roll from Adventure Too Company is the most robust and well designed tool roll we have seen in years. Constructed of heavy waxed canvas with MIL-SPEC components and sewn using high-tensile nylon thread with reinforced binding tape, the Shop Roll is––burly. The 21 individual pockets swallow even the largest assortment of tools, and a zippered pocket at the far end is perfect for storing electrical tools and supplies. The large fold-over flap is actually a cavernous zippered pouch ideal for storing manuals, rags and other lay-flat items. Stout straps keep the roll secure and a heavy handle makes transporting the roll effortless. Made in Colorado in small batches to ensure maximum quality, this is a tool roll to last the ages. $89


Mission Workshop R6 Arkiv Field Pack

Recently featured in the winter issue of Overland Journal, the R6 Arkiv Field Pack is not just one of the most innovative products we’ve ever tested, it’s masterfully built right here in the USA. The waxed canvas exterior is lined with four-layer waterproof sailcloth creating a weather-thwarting shield protecting the pack’s contents. Six nylon rails (thus, the R6) accept the addition of extra pouches, including a padded laptop sleeve and accessory pocket. We have used the R6 Arkiv every day for several months and can’t imagine life without it. $209 for the base pack.


Epic Bars

Traditional food bars are often little more than flavorless bricks of compressed seeds, grains, and chalky whey isolates. Now there is a savory alternative––EPIC Bars. Available in three flavors, bison, beef and turkey, EPIC Bars use the same base fuels that have kept humans going for more than 250,000 years, meat. Blended with spices, nuts, and other seasonings, these gourmet bars pack as much as 14 grams of protein, 190 calories, and essential supplies of folic acid, potassium, vitamin B12, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients. Founders Taylor and Katie have not just created a delicious food bar, they have developed a company ethos that balances equal respect for the land, animals, and the people they feed. The bison they use are 100% grass-fed and certified organic by CCOF. Grass-fed animals are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, which improves cardiovascular health and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Grass-feeding requires fewer fossil fuels than lot-feeding, and is generally much better for the environment. Range animals are also happy animals, and as a result are pretty tasty. $34/box of 12


Wolverine Whitepine

The Whitepine is a boot with a storied legacy and a classic appeal. Founder G.A. Krause created Wolverine more than 125 years ago with boots of unparalleled quality, much like that of the Whitepine. His early productions from the 1914 were made with shell horsehide and were said to be so tough they could last 1000 miles. Their secret tanning process created a boot which was “soft as buckskin, but wears like iron.” These same attributes now adorn the Whitepine. For the overlander, these features offer more than just a pleasing aesthetic, they offer the promise of years of loyal service. Hand crafted in Rockford, Michigan, all of the 1000 Mile boots and shoes are proof that American craftsmanship is alive and well. $405


Triple Aught Design Special Edition LensLight KO

This is not your dad’s flashlight. Over the last few years, lighting sciences have advanced rapidly bringing to market flashlights with amazing amounts of light all packaged in small, durable casings. The TAD Edition LensLight KO is such a light and a must-have for your daily carry, or adventure kit. Two CR123 batteries power two light settings on the TAD KO light. The first setting sips power at just 5 lumens, but the highest setting pumps out a retina searing 440 lumens. At just over 5” in length, and weighing less than 5 ounces, this a compact light making it easy to always have at the ready.  $189

These are but a few of the products we found in the last year we think represent the best of the best. Proudly made in America, these are products anyone would love to own. Hopefully, if you've been good, they'll find their way to you this holiday season.