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Field Test: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

Field Test: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 

By Scott Brady

Test Team: Joe Bacal and Scott Brady

The Grand Cherokee has always been one of those vehicles that was nearly there; with each new model, it always made an improvement. With the release of the redesigned WK2 model, it now shares a platform with the Mercedes ML-class - a hangover reminiscent of a recent time when Daimler owned Chrysler. We were surprised by the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Follow on to see what we thought of it after over 2,500 miles, and nearly two months of comprehensive testing. You might just be surprised too.  

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Make Lego Models, not War

As a long time Westfalia owner and an even longer time Lego fan, I could not think of a better Christmas gift. I don't think it really matters how old or young you are, putting together a Volkswagen Combi 1962 made with 1332 pieces of Lego has to be counted as one of the greatest pleasures in life.

The final result is so close to reality you almost want to jump in it and go travel.


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2011 SUV of the Year - North America

The 2011 Expedition Portal Overland Awards 

4wd SUV of the Year – North America (US and Canada)

The North American overland vehicle landscape is a depressing view, the DOT and EPA constraining any hope of serious hardware options hitting our shores.  The 70 Series Land Cruiser, diesel G-Wagen and Defender 110s absent from dealer lots. However, there are still a few options worth investing in, and one has been awarded with the Expedition Portal Overland Vehicle of the Year Award for North America – the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

2012 Wrangler SUV of the Year
There are no other factory stock vehicles that can match the Rubicon Wrangler in technical terrain 

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HEMA Land Cruiser 200 Series

The 200 series Land Cruiser the team drove in Australia is a far cry from the vintage 40 series, and bears little in resemblance to its predecessor. However the values of capability, practicality and reliability are still alive in the newest model. There was no better place to put the Land Cruiser through it’s paces than the Outback, it’s historical proving ground.

The Land Cruiser isn’t something you’d want to take through tight spaces. Over the years it has become a large vehicle, it’s quite bulbous, and requires extra attention in tight areas. Taking that into account, the vehicle is great for covering hundreds and hundreds of kilometers in the outback which is exactly what it was built for.

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