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    Eating crow....2018 Ram Power Wagon build

    Nice looking rig! Curious can you remove the power wagon sticker from the side? It looks like it’s integrated into the lower level trim paint? I’m considering building or if I can find on the lot a 2019 tradesman with power wagon package so there will be no decals
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    Full Size Dodge Thread

    Great looking truck I used to have one that looked just like it minus the gears and lockers and bumpers! I miss that truck!
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    Opinions Wanted

    Hello, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this question, but here goes anyway. I'm considering changing my camping setup from ground tents to something else. I camp alone about half the time, and the other half the time I have my kids with me. When everyone is along there are 5 of us...
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    2017 Tacoma Suspension Questions

    Hello, I have some questions and need your feedback! Heres where I am with my 2017 Tacoma Offroad OME 888 Coils Bilstein 5100 Shocks on the bottom setting SPC UCA Cooper Discover STT Pro 285/70/17 SCS Wheels 17/8 4.3" backspace -10mm offset Dakar heavy duty leaf pack Extended Bilstein 5100...
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    2000 Extended Cab Tacoma, mild, long-term overland build

    Kudos for seemingly keeping a positive attitude with numerous mechanical setbacks
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    Pongo, The story of our 2016 Tacoma

    Are you still liking the OME setup? I’m trying to figure out what suspension I went to run. Are you using the OME coils shocks and Dakar leaf pack?
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Also to answer your question I have thought about getting a small offroad trailer/utility trailer to pull in the future. It won't be too heavy or be too elaborate more than likely. If I got one it would be used to haul dirtbikes or possibly something to store all my camping gear in.
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    On a side note....If I do got with the camper shell I will most likely sleep in the shell occasionally and build a sleeping platform that is either modular or easily removable so I can still use the bed in it's full capacity.
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Thank you so much for your willingness to dive deep into your recommendations! This is heavy on my mind as I'm currently packing for a trip this weekend with my two boys. Let me see if I can describe what I want to get out of my truck so I can better choose what will work best for me and my...
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    Battleship Jones: 2015 Tacoma DCLB Build Thread

    Hello, So I just read almost every word of your thread, and it's been a lot of good insight for me. In May of this year I bought a 2017 DCLB TRDOR. The modding bug has bit hard. I want to take my truck in a similar path as yours. I'm currently trying to make a decision on suspension and camper...
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    mouse007's build (2014 DCSB 4x4 Taco)

    Great build and taste i'm in the process of buying a 3rd gen tacoma
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    1998 Tacoma Camper/Build Thread - Pics!

    Cant decide on long bed vs regular bed.
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    1998 Tacoma Camper/Build Thread - Pics!

    Great truck and pictures. Those gen tacoma are hard to come by in that condition. I'm getting ready to buy a 3rd gen myself
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    Pongo, The story of our 2016 Tacoma

    Great looking truck indeed! Are you happy with the trim level you purchased? What add-ons did you buy on the truck? Just the premium stereo without JBL and tow package?
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    Another homemade drawers thread.

    Thank you! I'll get around to doing it soon hopefully