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    Project X - Just another Excursion Project

    I wish, but then I'd need to put the 3.73s back in !
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    Project X - Just another Excursion Project

    Just went through all that, got my 5.13s in the rear. Still have to do the front in the next couple weeks. I was hoping I'd feel a little more torque down low from them but it's not as noticeable as I hoped.
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    6.0 Trustworthyness

    Sheesh, yeah i went through the same process and ended up with a V10. I love diesels and had a Duramax for the last 7 years. It was a great truck and the only thing that ever failed was a glow plug and a wheel bearing. I spent a ton of money on it but it was all upgrades. I tried to talk...
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    Show us your Active Off-Road Bumpstops!

    These replace the OE bumpstops? Are they any taller than stock or no?
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    Project X - Just another Excursion Project

    Nice work on everything!
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    "Skinny" tires on a Full-Size?

    i was running 275/70/18s which is like a 33x10.5 tire. went from a 325/60/18 which was a 33x13.5. definitely didn't feel as stable when towing and the steering felt kind of twitchy with the narrow tires. mileage maybe went up a bit but not enough to really notice. didn't do much off roading...
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    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    nice skidplates!
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    Another Cummins truck: 91.5 W250, the "Blue Ox"

    nice truck! i love those first gens.
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    TR: It's Good to be Back in Colorado

    thanks for the post. I"m looking for exactly this type of trip in my Dmax this summer.
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    I want your opinions on the Ecoboost.....

    i'm thinking the 1500 diesel will also be impressive at low rpm, as all modern turbo diesels are. I'd certainly strongly consider one of those as well.
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    Rare Mitsubish Montero SR

    wow. yes, this has been long gone for years. hopefully still running and being enjoyed by someone.
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    99 Ram 24v

    Makes me miss my 99 CTD. Have you thought about doing a 2 lo kit? I made my own out of a Mitsubishi turbo vaccuum switch so that i could run in 2 low, helpful when backing a trailer or other things.
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    I want your opinions on the Ecoboost.....

    the thing about modern turbo engines is the torque and responsiveness. iv'e driven all the v8's and it seems that you ahve to rev all of them in order to get to that rated power. turbo engines make the power at cruising rpm which is exactly what we want. Gone are the days of turbo lag due to...