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    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer - Phoenix, AZ - $7800

    Here's what another owner did. Not my photos so I distorted the picture of their kid. Interior width is about 57" so I think there is some growing room there.
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    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer - Phoenix, AZ - $7800

    Interior photo and new fenders which need powder coating.
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    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer - Phoenix, AZ - $7800

    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer Teardrop Trailer: XXXX This is the perfect small family trailer for someone who likes to camp off of forest roads and do light off-roading with a trailer. Trailer has a 7 pin connector with electric brakes. With the included awning and room you can sleep 4...
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    M416 Based Off-road Trailer build with Lock-N-Roll Trailer Hitch

    It was seam welded on the sides and plug welded. It isn't going anywhere. Sadly when I went to install a new top bolt to keep this from rotating the Grade 8 Bolt head sheared off. I am having a heck of a time getting it out and may have to drill the entire thing out and rethread. I wanted this...
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    Off-Road Trailer Registration? (AZ)

    No Just tell them it is a utility trailer and you should be able to get a permanent tag. However, if your title says anything like "RV" or "Camper" you may have a more difficult time. For example, I couldn't get my VRV Teardrop, which is really just a big box, registered with a perm plate. All...
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    M416 Based Off-road Trailer build with Lock-N-Roll Trailer Hitch

    Bump on an old thread. Thank you for the idea and feedback. I am just waiting for a new chains, spring, and castle nut to finish things up.
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    2017 Turtleback Expedition Off-Road Trailer

    Now who the heck would do that! Thx great suspension debate. Congratulations on the sale.
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    2017 Turtleback Expedition Off-Road Trailer

    All of the Expedition models have Electric brakes.
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    Actual Fridge Power Draws

    Here's an article I wrote a couple of years ago. All indoor testing so your mileage may vary. I tested 4 different brands.
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    Best Gaia maps for Baja

    MapBox Streets HD is great for towns. As an individual you can add Google Maps. Here's how, I don't think the E32 maps could be downloaded and then imported into Gaia. Even if you wanted to host your own map data on a web server...
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    Help with Electrical on trailer

    Confirm everything with VRV but.... it doesn't come with a solar controller. You will need to add one. Solar ready means there is an SAE plug on the driver side of the trailer. It does have shore power so if plugged in the 110 outlets will work as well as AC. Mine doesn't have AC and I hate...
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    VRV Flyer Teardrop and DIY Build Thread

    No photos are attached. I would love to see your setup.
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    The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

    I just purchased the CFX-75DZW. I bought it for the same reasons. I want to have a dedicated freezer area when I want to. Tired of playing the stacking game to try to keep some things frozen and others not. I just end up wasting food. I just need to get the proper fridge slide and finish my...
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    My Attempt at Finding a way to Navigate in Colorado/Wyoming, help needed.

    MVUM is an overlay in Gaia. So if there is a forest road which is on a map and it is also a legal road to use, MVUM, Gaia will add a line/overlay on top of that road. You can tap on the MVUM layer for info. It give the number and type of vehicles approved for it. You need a Pro subscription for...
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    My setup explained: And advice needed with which GPS software to run?

    Gaia has a very large user community. Lots of tutorials on YouTube. Gaia even references some of them and they have a good support system. IMHO stick with Gaia. They do not offer Google Satellite images for licensing reasons. If you are a Pro subscriber ESRI is available and are a close 2nd to...