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    2019 RAM Power Wagon - PeeWee

    Is the lower power setting still too bright to use in traffic at night? Are you running 2 of the same beam pattern? Considering a pair these lights to mount on my 18 PW’s ARB bumper.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Looking 19ish
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    James Baroud discontinued?

    I bought a Grand Raid in 2018, and after a month I had a warranty issue. I received excellent customer service to remedy the problem, which ultimately included a replacement tent. The second tent has worked flawlessly for 14 months, and my family really enjoys using it.
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    Garmin Overlander

    Gotcha, thanks.
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    Garmin Overlander

    Where did you find it for $552?
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    2018 Ram 3500 Expedition Family Adventure Vehicle

    Eh, not everyone’s cup of tea but there are plenty of naysayers that will be jealous when (if?) you take delivery of it.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Family White Rim trip.
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    Garmin Overlander

    This thing is already on sale for $100 off on Amazon right now - wonder where it will drop for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    There's always room for a PW build thread... and I'm completely jealous of your 360 cameras, I'd settle just for one in the front of my '18... I guess I'll have to get creative!
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    Review of the Freespirit Recreation High Country Tri-Layer Roof Top Tent

    We have the big Baroud currently, but with my little guy growing it's getting pretty tight for the 3 of us - especially given wifey is a side-sleeper, 3-pillow-minimum kind of gal. I love how fast it sets up and goes down, but I think we're at the point either next year or the year after we...
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    Real world experience with James Baroud awnings

    I have the 2.0m awning with tunnel, and a Grand Raid XXL tent. Also the room enclosure. Overall, my family has been happy with this setup. We have had a few “learnings” along the way: Several times we’ve had the awning poles stuck in deployed position and couldn’t get them collapsed. This...
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    Pequod - A 2019 Ram Power Wagon Build

    I have those trim rings too, but I’ve taken to leaving them off most of the time for two reasons: 1) if you have a flat on the trail, it sucks to take all those little screws out, and you’ll definitely lose one or at least one of their plastic washers 2) if you happen to have any shop change...
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    Ram skid plate

    Oops. Reading comprehension fail on my part, sorry!
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    Comparison shopping: Colorado, Gladiator, Tacoma

    I flew out from Midwest to buy from Dennis Dillon 3 times in last 3 years. They are real deal, as posted by others. However: 1) They will hook you for ~$300 for a "mandatory" security system install and say they do it to all vehicles that hit their lot 2) They will really pour on the...
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    2019 RAM Power Wagon - PeeWee

    I am about to pull trigger on spacers for the rear on my '18 Power Wagon. Between having the Ramboxes full of gear, bed rack, RTT, and heavy 37" spare, I'm a bit tail-low after installing Thuren's +1.5" front springs. I thought the heavy ARB front bumper would compensate for the taller front...