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    Gov-deals rescue vehicles/fire trucks

    Locally our KME fire trucks have absolutely lived up to the "keeping mechanics employed" saying.
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    Casper - 1998 Discovery 1 Build

    If I knew how many times I'd tell that story to people in my later years back then, I'd have taken pictures. It's often brought up when people tell me they "don't have anywhere" to work on a car. My general thought on the matter is that they haven't properly evaluated the FULL potential of...
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    Casper - 1998 Discovery 1 Build

    Not advising you try this at home(at least if you want to keep your wife) but I have discretely pulled off a Mercedes v8 engine rebuild in a guest bath of ground floor retirement apartment once upon a time. Hardest part was getting it in and out of the car under the carport under cover of...
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    Santana/Defender 110 Overland Build Cummins R2.8

    How's the R2.8 install going? Since I got the chance to tool around in a repowered jeep I've been slowly collecting bits to r2.8 swap the D1.
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    Fire Extinguishers

    I have amerex 5lb extinguishers hard mounted in each vehicle with aviation mounts.
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    How to keep cast iron cookware from flogging your gear off road?

    My cast iron as needed for trip menus goes into my kitchen case and gets thoroughly strapped down. Can't think of a much worse fate than being beaned by a pelican case full of cast iron in a roll over. Cast iron is one of the few things that doesn't stay in my camp kitchen full time, mainly...
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    Load Space/Cargo Space Liner, Protector, Cover LR4

    In the D1 I just pulled the whole rear carpet and cut a rubber stall mat to shape to replace it and the existing failed padding. Quieted down the interior, holds heavy items still when lashed down, and throw a moving blanket over it and its pet friendly as well...
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    Roof Rack Lighting Wiring

    Digikey is a solid supplier, though they carry lots of wire I consider sub par for exterior automotive use they are honest about ratings, certifications, and jacket material and they do also carry some better options.
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    Roof Rack Lighting Wiring

    That's a pretty stout lightbar , I rarely run anything that big. I've found it both easier to wire and more useful to run smaller pairs of led lights similar to d-series cubes or my recent favorite for forward facing cubes the feniex industries AI cubes. In my smaller setups I build harness...
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    Looking for modified disco

    Good luck in your search, non rusted are slightly harder to find, non rusted AND well maintained will likely be a much more intense search and generally command a premium over the average market.
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    Minimum EV Range Requirement for Touring Western U.S.

    Small correction- "open" heart surgery still generally requires cracking open the ribs to access the sternal cavity. We have progressed from lebche knives to pneumatic and then lithium battery powered sternal saws.
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    SOLD**** 2008 Land Rover LR3 - $9,500 obo - Nashville, TN

    Solid truck from a solid seller buy with confidence. (y)
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    Flush Mount LED Lights

    Well, in my defense, you didn't give a budget, and I installed a pair of these on a quad at work and they quite handily take the place of several sets of lights since they adjust replacing headlights, pin spots, and forward scene lighting.
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    Flush Mount LED Lights

    Feniex AI cubes could be slick mounted as headlights on a ute
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    XPS Sandwich Panels availability in the US