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    TWO different sized FlipPac Camper shells for sale

    I have an OE torsion bar for the 5’ pac if you need, I’m sure can work something out. If you were closer I would come get that one...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Forum name: 2000lj Name: Marc Call sign: W7GNN Location: New Mexico Radio: Kenwood handheld, bunch of old but good Heath kit.... (I couldn’t remember if I had posted here, so sorry if it’s a repost)
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    Damaged MAN Expedition truck

    Looks like the diesel brothers lot, what ever their company is. My only comment is 65k and it “may” have a title? Seems like a chunk to ask for a parts vehicle with no title, even knowing the new cost. Interior does look nice tho!
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    The pesos offer takes me out, lol. I was going up to 100.00 as my final offer. Maybe the seller will come back and check on his post we keep bumping for fun.
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    We are going up. $20.00. Lol
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    1994 Defender 300tdi (LHD) Left Hand Drive.

    $5.00 buy it? Post a desired price please.... Location?
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    AT Habitat 5' bed for sale

    I bet it will fit a gladiator, I have a 5’ flippac on my AEV Brute. They all are built very close to the same size.
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    WTB .. looking for front drive shaft. 1992 mitsubishi fuso FG , Reno, NV.

    Have you tried Tom woods custom driveshaft? They normally can make just about any driveshaft with just bolt flange dems and a length. I have no idea If they can but thought I would throw it out.
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    Central tire inflation system

    Runnin CTIS on this truck. When properly designed works great, OG hummer h1s have an ok system but prone to problems. Like 4 flat tires in the morning if you have a minor leak. This Defender is running 9” curries with portals and a custom air system for maximum reliability. Only “easy” way to...
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    2015 Aliner Ranger 10 Backcountry/Boondockers Special Highly Modified Contact me for Photos

    It was on Craigslist in ABQ Nm but just looked again and it’s gone
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    Official Test Results: Five Ways to Heat a Tent

    So I didn’t really see this idea but maybe there is a reason.... tell me if someone has said this already. Has anyone considered this. Some of us have instant hot water heaters, and water pumps. What about plumbing the heat side through a heater like this...
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    1971 Land Rover Santana Series III 109 Militar 6 cylinder diesel

    Must have. Looks like trying to make a couple grand and didn’t even take new photos.
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    Wilco tire gate, full size dodge.

    Sorry thought it had a price. Say 400? Obo