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  • Jereme,
    hey I just thought I would take a minute and say hello I was standing in my garage today checkin out my chaser trailer thinkin how cool it was. So I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for selling it to me last summer was a blast I would bet we camped in the trailer atleast 15 nights. I have added brakes and deep cycle batteries and a charging system to the trailer. I used an old power tank co2 braket and fabbed up a bracket to hang a 5lb propane bottle off the side of the trailer just behind the fender on the pasenger side. I dont really have any other plans for the trailer right now maybe put the limiting straps on the suspension.
    I hope everything is going good with you and your family come visit soon so we can go wheelin. Do you still have a hemi engine in your garage?
    Kepp in touch, Darin
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