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  • Talked it over with the wife and we will split the difference with you at $1100 if you'd like. We'll be in town for the last half of July if you'd like to wait and see the canoe. Do you have a specific ranch picked out or are you looking at a bunch? Are you using a local real estate agent? If you need a recommendation, I've got a good friend at Coldwell Bankers Antlers Realty. His name is Joe Desson and he's a stand up guy who has done me quite well with purchases in the past.
    Thanks , but 1000 is my max.
    I will be in Cody around the 18th .
    I am looking at a ranch just outside of Cody . So trekking and home hunting
    Thank you
    Will be heading thru wyoming in the next week. I love this canoe. If in excellent condition and with oars and fully outfitted I would pay 800 and pick it up.
    It's just what we have been looking for. Wrong color but you can't special order used lol
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