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    Chevy rear head curtain removal?

    I removed the side curtain airbags in my 2008 express. The airbags go all the way from the windshield to the back door so you'll lose coverage for the front seats also. I wired a resistor in place of the airbags to get the light to go out. It wasn't difficult but there is obviously some...
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    Chevy rear head curtain removal?

    I put resistors in place of my side curtain airbags. I think they were 3 ohm. I just tested the resistance across the airbags and bought a couple of resistors of the same value. I put a couple of layers of heat shrink on top to avoid any sparking in the event of a crash and, voila no airbag...
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    Ball joint replacement on Express van?

    The ball joints on the Express van are different than the Astro (at least on my 2008.) I've had both. The Express van ball joints are pressed in rather than riveted which will make them even more difficult to replace without removing the entire arm. The bushings are probably at least tired at...
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    How far can you get with a 2WD and a shovel?

    I drove lots of jeep roads and fire roads in my old Astro van. With a locking rear differential and good tires you'll get most places in a smaller vehicle as long as you avoid lots of mud or lots of snow. I got a lot of surprised looks when I told people it was "just 2wd." My new van has an open...
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    OEM+ upgrades for GM 1/2 ton (1500) vans?

    Great thread idea I also worked in the VW/Audi world at one point and enjoyed the benefits of performance upgrades from Audis and inexpensive replacement parts from VW. Now I have a 2008 Express 1500 2wd and have been scouting for the hype factory upgrades. Here's what I've pondered so far...
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    Chevy rear head curtain removal?

    I removed them from my 2008 Express 1500. I was surprised to find that there aren't separate airbags for the front and rear passengers. In other words, the side curtain airbag runs all the way from the back to the front and is about ten feet long. It's like a life raft! I've been trying to...